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A little backstory

Posted by erinlausten on October 26, 2010

Words written: 27,379           Currently Reading: Changeless by Gail Carriger

Picture by: Waikay Lau

First, a quick note. You may be wondering what on earth I am doing with the words written count seen above. Some of you may already know, but for those that do not, I am working on a book. I have several other works, as yet unpublished, but the book is the largest piece of work I have attempted at this point. I am putting the count out there as an incentive to keep working on it. I use this blog as a way to brush out the cobwebs so that when I sit down and write my story it is uncluttered by unfocused thoughts. So, writing this blog allows me to take those ideas and give them structure. And then I can get down and have fun with plot and dialog and all that happy stuff.

I have grandiose plans for my future and for the future of this blog. First is to develop a readership. Hooray, to those who have already jumped on board! Second is to have it as a platform for my other writing. I plan to have free stories (of various genres) from both myself, as well as from writer friends of mine that would like me to spotlight their work. If you are a writer and interested in developing a relationship, let me know! Send me a comment and we’ll talk.

Now that isn’t to say I plan to give it all away free. After all, I do want to do this for a living, sometime, hopefully sooner than later, but I am a big believer in share and share alike. So, keep an eye out for when I start posting stories. And as always, I am open to comments and thoughts regarding what I print here.

Since it is a Monday, I am keeping it short. My brain is working a little slow today, but no worries, I will have something brilliant to say tomorrow (I’m sure).


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