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Edit, edit, and edit again

Posted by erinlausten on November 10, 2010

Words written: 33,157          Currently Reading: On Writing by Stephen King

So you may have noticed that my word count hasn’t gone very far in the last week. And that would suggest that maybe I have been taking a break. Yeh, no. No breaks. I don’t take breaks. Actually I do, but I am feeling melodramatic, so bear with me. No, I am not on a break, I am editing. And no, not editing the book I am a third of the way through, but editing another, much shorter story. And I am learning a whole, let me repeat, a whole lot.

And here’s the biggest shocker of them all. This whole process is brand new to me. I have several degrees, been in school for a majority of my life, and averaged A’s on my papers. I was pretty good at getting papers written but I hardly ever edited my work. I would write it, do a quick grammar run through, double check the organization, and there you go. All of this was, of course, done the night before, and I very rarely did all nighters.

So now, here I am, up to my elbows in words. I am trying to cross my T’s dot my I’s and make sure all of it is worth reading. And the reason this is different from my college writing is because a school paper wasn’t the end product. That fancy piece of paper signed by the school president that said Congratulations You’re a Graduate was the final product. The writing of each paper just got me one step closer and if a sentence was off, then really, who cared?

But now, well, now I do care. The words on the page are that final product. And the end result isn’t a job but an experience for who ever happens to read my work. So now, I edit. And edit again. Of course, now I have to figure out when to stop, but, that will have to be a thought for another day, because I have editing to do.


6 Responses to “Edit, edit, and edit again”

  1. Erin, I empathize! Funny but when I read or proof something on my computer monitor, I rarely notice anything wrong. Print it out though, and my eyes go straight to any mistake or typo.

    Also, I just got Word 2010, which spell-checks automatically and points out every infraction in syntax. I can probably over-ride this feature, but it’s been useful. What’s funny about this is that my old Word software probably did the same thing, but being politer, it waited for me to ask 🙂

  2. Edrienne B said

    Glad you’re having fun editing 😉 Really though…. edit the small stuff. Pay attention when you start changing more than a tense or adding a missed article. Don’t change the story through the editing!! So my suggestion is that you edit until you do the final pack for Southern… then stop and send out to your reader(s).

  3. Eve said

    Sounds familiar. I love your blog and can relate to your editing situation.

  4. You want to know something really funny? I came back to read the comments (which make me super happy by the way!) and found something grammatically wrong with my post. Sigh, it is an endless cycle! Thanks again for your comments, and Edrienne… well, maybe a little after I get back, I wasn’t able get through as much as I had hoped. 🙂


  5. lifeafter39 said

    I find it hard to know when to actually stop editing. I seems like it can never be perfect enough.

  6. […] written: Still editing Currently Reading: On Writing by Stephen King Photo by […]

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