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Posted by erinlausten on November 12, 2010

Words written: 33,157          Currently Reading: On Writing by Stephen King

So I am about half an hour away from walking out the door for a wonderful weekend with friends and family. It is always fun and I have never had any issue with unplugging for the weekend. But I am on a super roll and am a little trepidatious about leaving my writing for so long. I have held this roll for several months now and I don’t want to lose it. Technically I am not stopping, I will be reading, writing notes, thinking, etc, but still, I have this completely uncomfortable feeling with leaving electricity behind and my computer off.

How absolutely ridiculous. I have never had a problem with unplugging and in the past have looked down at those that have. Boy do I feel silly now. But perhaps it is the best thing I can do, and when I return I will be recharged and ready to write at an even higher level than I can today.

Until then…..erin


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