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Demotivated…Tomorrow is a better day

Posted by erinlausten on November 15, 2010

What an absolutely fantastic weekend!  And all that reading I promised  myself I would do because I wouldn’t have access to electricity? Yeh, didn’t get done. I should know better, but I do it every time. Then again, if  I didn’t bring something with the intention of reading, then I would end up with an excruciating amount of time with nothing to do, so really, I was just ensuring that my trip would be a whirlwind and an absolute blast.

Of course, now I must come back to the real world and get my head back in the game. I have a short to finish revamping and a novel to re-motivate. Now this brings to mind motivation and a lot of writers talk about it and perhaps I am just beating a dead dust devil, but here’s my take nonetheless.

Motivation–for me at least–has two incarnations. The first is easy. It happens when you don’t want to do whatever it is you are “supposed” to do. It’s like having to clean your room because your mother said so, or cutting the backyard lawn even though no one will see it except you. The biggest one for me is getting on that stair machine (the one right next to me that is serving as a decorative element in my living room) to get rid of the extra poundage I’ve put on since I got a desk job.

The second incarnation for motivation is when you have the desire to do whatever it is you are supposed to do, but lack the motivation to do it effectively. I just read this awesome post from Where’s My Pencil about the Seven Deadly Sins for writers. There are a number of things that get in the way of writing effectively. Distractions, bad habits, good intentions, they all help to demotivate and remove focus from what really needs to get done.

And now, for the usual unnecessary deep musing. Why on earth do we do this to ourselves when we know exactly what it is we want? I want to finish my story, but for some reason I cannot focus on it today. So I am doing everything out there to make sure I don’t do it. If I were to sit down and actually work on it would I find the focus? Would this detached feeling I have for my story disappear? I would like to say so, but it is something that I will have to attempt tomorrow. Because now I have a date with my pillow. I have lost all energy. It all got used up this weekend.


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