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Momentum is a devious friend

Posted by erinlausten on November 30, 2010

Words written: 353778 Currently Reading: On Writing by Stephen King

I’m back in the driver seat again. Yes, the Thanksgiving insanity has run it’s course, Black Friday has come and gone, and the leftovers are making their way out of the fridge. As mentioned in my last post, major editing on my short story/novella is complete and it is in the competent hands of my first readers. And to top it off I got down a few new concepts for future stories.

What this all means is that for the first time in nearly a month my mind is clear of a ton of ancillary mush and I am finally able to sit in front of my Work in Progress without any pressing distractions. And it is awesome!

I have truly come to realize the value in stepping away from a project to give it a fresh perspective. I can certainly see the benefit of sitting down and just pounding the keys and the story into submission, as this is my usual modus operandi, but now I see maybe I can adapt my method.

I say this because I feel rejuvenated. Prior to stepping away I was feeling bogged down, unsure, and uncharacteristically I started second guessing myself. I took a break and now the ideas are flowing again, the characters are alive and well, and I haven’t really lost much in the way of voice and style. This makes me happy. Granted, I wanted to be further along, but as impatience is my tragic flaw, it is a good thing to have pulled on the reins just a little.

So now, I am back to writing and feeling good. I can feel better knowing that should things come up I won’t necessarily lose all momentum and at times it will be exactly what I need. The big challenge, however, will be walking the fine line between taking a break and leaving it too long. But then, as I said, with my impatience beating me over the head, I don’t think I have too much to worry about.

Now, the question is, do I have that last turkey sandwich?


One Response to “Momentum is a devious friend”

  1. william kendall said

    Sometimes we need to step away to get ourselves back in the game again.

    As I don’t much like turkey… I would say no!

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