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Disaster strikes!

Posted by erinlausten on December 3, 2010

Words written: 37853 Currently Reading: On Writing by Stephen King

It was awful! Terrible! I am still reeling from the affects! Ok, so it wasn’t so bad, and really, it looks like all will be well, but it was touch and go there for a number of hours. You see, I am not particularly attached to stuff. I like stuff, and I do have some things that I like to keep around to remind me the past. But really, I don’t need them, the memory is still there.

So it came as a complete shock how attached I had become to my new mini laptop. It’s another tool, just like any other tool. But it crashed yesterday (after just two weeks! I am sure I did something, but still two weeks!). And I cried. I was so upset. I don’t cry much and usually I roll with the punches with little effort. But this really upset me. Granted, there was a possibility that I would have lost 3 to 5 thousand words on my novel, but really, in the grand scheme, that isn’t all that much. I have lost significantly more hours of work than that and not reacted this way.

So, imagine my surprise when I am crying over a silly computer. But I think I know what it is. My husband purchased this computer for me. It was a way he could show me that he supported my dream. Apparently that little blue machine (yeh, it has a blue top, I love it) represents a new beginning, a gamble, and my heart and soul. (Yes, I am being a little over dramatic, but I was really scared Man!)

Of course, I am seeing this all now with a fresh perspective. It is amazing what a few hours of sleep will do to help you see reason. And, it also helps that my husband spent hours last night fixing it, saving my work, and getting it back to the way it was. I have a heck of a guy. Is it any wonder I write romance?

The lesson to take away from this? When you are attached to something, it’s not the thing, but what it means to you. And, always, always save your work and back it up somewhere else! Always! And finally, there really are knights in shining armor. The armor may get rusty at times and the maiden may be a little less fair, but they exist.  Romance fiction is not based on fantasy, it is based on moments like these.


5 Responses to “Disaster strikes!”

  1. Eve said

    I know what you mean Erin. My life is in my computer which was a gift from my husband who wants me to finish my romance novel instead of blogging all day!
    You are lucky to have a wonderful man!

  2. william kendall said

    Ah, technology….

    Good blog, Erin!

  3. What kind of netbook do you have? I have an Acer Aspire One, also blue. Mine is two years old and I’d be lost without it.

  4. I have an HP mini. It was another one of those moments where my husband was AWESOME. We went to “just look” and I said, “you know, if I were to pick one to walk out with today, it would be that one”. He turned around to an associate and said, “I want that one in the cart.” Makes me happy. And now that I have it back and running, I love it even more. I take it everywhere, it fits everywhere, and while it doesn’t move through the internet as fast as my desktop, it does exactly what I need, holds my stories as they fly from my fingers.

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