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I hate to disappoint

Posted by erinlausten on January 3, 2011

Words written: 80,620 Currently Reading: Everything Guide to Writing a Romance Novel

Holy Canolli Batman! Yes. I’ve been a little busy. Haven’t we all?. The holidays will do that to you. There was a time when I had to think about what I would do for the holidays. Now it’s just a scheduling nightmare and the only way to survive is to jump on the holiday train and hope to make it through without falling off.

But I am blessed with a wonderful set of friends and family. I would never go back to a quieter time. So I can’t complain (well, maybe a little. How many parties do we need? Seriously!).

With so much to do, something had to suffer. And sadly my blog got set on the hotplate. I am sorry if you have been waiting for me. I will do my best to never disappoint you again. (However, should I do so, this post will be promptly deleted. Don’t want evidence around proving I break my promises after all!). And if you don’t wait with bated breath for me to post, you should. My posts are brilliant after all. But not this post. This post is being yanked bodily from my brain. It isn’t pretty. Painful actually.

Usually I can come up with something to say. Ideas are not really a problem. Except, I haven’t anything interesting to say today. Beyond the apologies, and oh hey, did you see the word count? Yes, that’s right. I’ve been plugging away on my manuscript like a maniac. It’s been invigorating; I am so close to the end I can smell it. Granted the smell is a little off. It’s a little ugly. Ok, a lot ugly; kind of like a skeleton with skin hanging off.  But it will be DONE.

So close, so very close. I am so excited! I can hardly hold back the cliched expressions or the repetative use of “very” and “so”.

Eh. What can you do.

And to kick off the new year, schtick from the dynamic duo.


7 Responses to “I hate to disappoint”

  1. Damn, girl, I’m envious! I’d love to be brilliant all the time!

    Seriously, welcome back!

  2. LOL… I think I may have been given a little more of the allotted BS at birth.

    Thanks for the welcome back, I’ve missed the interaction!

  3. Beth said

    You know, it feels so good when you finally get that project completed. I thought I was done until I reread it, then there is revamping it…then editing…but as you say, It will be done…soon.
    Good luck.

  4. Eve said

    Congrats on nearing the end. I’m trying to finish a synopsis and it’s making me act out on my blog with a silly post.
    Oh well. Yes, I enjoy all your posts!

  5. William Kendall said

    Welcome back!

  6. Shelly said

    Your brain did well belting out your blog today. And, congrats on your soon to be finished manuscript. I’m eleven chapters into my second one.

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