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Could you pass the Dayquil?

Posted by erinlausten on January 12, 2011


<sniffle, snerk, yech>

Oh, I do so love being in my own company when I am like this.

I’m at the point where even I am tired of my obnoxious whining. It’s my first day back to work after being holed up under the blankets armed with Vicks, Halls, and Tissues. At some point I discarded the idea of a shot gun to my sinuses; while the initial relief may have been worth it, the constant whistling from air flowing through my brain was enough incentive to just wait it out.

So here I am, at my desk, eating lunch and slumping at the weight of all the stares. Ah, to be the office pariah. I think someone may have actually held a cross out at me. Lovely. If I had enough sick time I would stay home until I was completely rid of any evidence of sickness. As it was, I took more off than I really wanted, but “though shalt not bring the plague to work” or something along those lines. So I stayed home. I’m not contagious anymore. I Swear!!! Either way, I’m trying to just get through the day (did the clock hand seriously go backward?).

I’m on hiatus from my WIP. Forcing myself to break so I can come back to it fresh. It SUCKS! It’s like an adolescent crush during summer. Obsess much? Maybe.

To while away the time I’ve read several books on writing, on revising, on just about everything. Throw in a couple of my favorite authors, some new; some not so favorite just to try and figure out why they are so popular and I still have only been away from the story for seven days. (Normally I would not be this productive with the reading, but with being sick, eh, one has time).

Perhaps being at work will provide the needed break from insanity. Not promising anything.

I think a coworker just passed by with a full gas mask on. Seriously? IT’S JUST A HEAD COLD PEOPLE


One Response to “Could you pass the Dayquil?”

  1. Edrienne B said

    They are not whining at you. Which is what I frequently did when coworkers came in sick. Of course they came in with the blankets and vicks and DIDN’T wash their hands ALL day. heh.
    Feel better soon!

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