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Mirror, Mirror

Posted by erinlausten on January 18, 2011

Photo by Bruno Monginoux

Reflection. What an interesting concept. In the mirrors we have today it is seen as the very thing it faces. No material distortion, no hidden agenda, just the perfect image of reality. Funny that I see something completely different in the mirror each time I look. I gain and lose weight at the slightest shift in mood. My eyes are bright green when I am happy, a soft olive when disenchanted. Of course, my body isn’t changing shape in a manner of hours and my eyes, though possibly changing colors, don’t reach the levels I swear I see.

And this is the true reality of reflection.  It is subjective and interpretive. It uses reality as a backdrop, but is not dependent on it. Reflection’s goal is not to show one truth, but to provide the truth at the moment, to show what needs to be seen, to inspire the thought, the emotion, and the action.

Reflection has been my constant companion for several weeks. I have hopped from one teetering emotion to the next. Confidence to anxiety. Frustration to annoyance. Serenity to apathy. It moves fast. At least I haven’t sunk deep into one or the other. Each provided something to work with, concepts, ideas, and images. Not all were good. Some were right on. I had to see each reflection and with a little focus and determination I think I can finally start revising.


4 Responses to “Mirror, Mirror”

  1. Shelly said

    Deep. Very Deep.

  2. Eve said

    I’m in a revise crisis myself. Great post.

  3. sleeplessparent said

    I think this is why the “looking in the mirror” scene is used so much in fiction. It always has meaning.

  4. william Kendall said

    “I think this is why the “looking in the mirror” scene is used so much in fiction. It always has meaning”

    Certainly true, come to think of it.

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