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Foxy Friday

Posted by erinlausten on January 28, 2011

I’m fried. It’s been one of those weeks. And no, I do not mean the kind of fried that comes with chemical assistance. I am plain done with the week and my brain has taken off and left me here at the office not quite sure what to do next.

It’s been great though. I am joining the RWA, went to my first Desert Rose meeting, had coffee with my technical editor friend (she’s the bestest in the whole wide world), and actually got some stuff done at work. AND I beat up several chapters in my book. I say beat up because we have had some very heated exchanges lately. It started with name calling, fists, then tears. Not pretty, and I had to apologize, but it hasn’t had the courtesy to respond in kind. What can you do? I love him.

But I think we are finally on the right track. I figured out what was wrong with my male protagonist, realized where some of the weaknesses were, and I’m ready to finish it up and get it into the ship shape sparkling perfect package that I know it can be.

I am feeling a teeny bit insecure about my capabilities. But, I’ll just bulldoze my way through that and just ignore the feelings. I’m awesome. I just have to keep telling myself that and maybe I will believe it enough to make it true.

Well, enough of that. I want to start your weekend off on a good note. The video below are of some super stellar ladies that make beautiful a way of life.These are my best friends and greatest supporters and they do such amazing things.


4 Responses to “Foxy Friday”

  1. Shelly said

    Today is my Monday, Saturday. It will be a nine hour day of hair lopping. I’d rather be writing. Not that I don’t like hair lopping but not nine hours of it….:( 😦

    Have a great weekend, Erin.

    • I had a fabulous weekend Shelly! I hope yours wasn’t too agonizing. I spent many years in the restaurant business and do not miss having to work those shifts. I do miss being on my feet though, I didn’t have to worry as much about the cubicle chub…

  2. william kendall said

    It never hurts to have a scrap with your book from time to time.

    Unless, of course, the book fights dirty.

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