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Of course you realize…

Posted by erinlausten on February 22, 2011

I have returned! Yes, I survived the great windstorm of 2011 camp gear undamaged, only slightly wet, very dusty, and wonderfully sunshined to the max. It was an amazing week spent with friends, acquaintances, and complete strangers. I do so love the Society for Creative Anachronism. I totally transported from the craziness that is my life into a whirlwind (and on Saturday this was literal, I have pictures of flying tents to prove it) of activity focused entirely on one aspect of my life. I was unplugged (mostly, we did check the weather report), unconcerned with what waited for me at home, and unexpectedly rebooted. It was amazing.

Then I came home. This is already a difficult task, adjusting back to a routine and a life where people don’t wear garb on a daily basis or just hand you a bottle of mead because you walked into their camp. But let’s compound it with a rejection letter (a wonderfully polite one with suggestions on improving my submissions, but a rejection letter nonetheless). It isn’t as though I wasn’t expecting it. But I felt a little disappointed for an hour, read a short romance novel, went to bed and woke up gearing for a fight. Reject me will you? Oh Yeh? Well guess what, I will have to just write the most amazing, astounding, best dang story you have every read and you will salivate to publish me. That’s right. I was feeling my way through it before, but now, well now it is time to muster the forces, march to the battlefield, because as you know…. well, I will just let Bugs explain it to you.


5 Responses to “Of course you realize…”

  1. Emma said

    I’m curious what their suggestions were? 🙂

    • Well, I did read them, quickly, but didn’t look too long as I was a disappointed and did not want to start a spurt of wallowing self pity. So, I am waiting a few days before I look at it seriously to pull out the good notes. I will let you know then!

  2. This too shall pass.

    You survived the windstorm, you’ll survive this. Just don’t give up!

    • Have I mentioned, Norma, How wonderfully supportive you are to us fledglings? You are an inspiration. Oh and now that my story is back in my hands I feel better. Like it is mine again to do what I want with it. I am thinking about this feeling I have, and wondering if maybe E-publishing really is for me. Requires some thought.

  3. William Kendall said

    It took me quite awhile to come around to the E-book side of things.

    Good to know you’re not letting it get to you.

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