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Will I ever get this post up?

Posted by erinlausten on March 25, 2011

Ha. I ask the question, and have an answer. Yes, Yes, I will get this post up. If it kills me I will have it up and done! I have tried to post something for the last 4 days. If I didn’t get interupted I had technical difficulties. It was awful! It was terrible! And what I wrote was brilliant I tell you! Absolutely, award worth brilliant!

Ok, so maybe not, but you’ll never know because it never got posted because I had difficulties and interuptions, and, etc. etc. etc. Ah, but isn’t that how life goes?

Speaking of award worthy. One of the main reasons I have desperately tried to get something posted is because I have a massive thank you to shout from the top of the blog-tops. William Kendall handed me an award way back on <cough cough> March 5th <cough cough>

He’s awesome. The award is nice, and I will get around to posting the 7 things people don’t know about me, but right now I have something more important to do. I have to say THANK YOU. You see William, has been there from when I began this fun little experiment on the web. I have no idea what I am doing. I didn’t then. Still don’t. All I can say is I have read alot more since then and am even more aware that I am stumbling around like an idiot. As this is nothing new, I am not all that concerned, but I have to say, I wouldn’t feel as comfortable with the stumbling if it weren’t for the constant support from William and several of my very understanding, supportive and slightly cracked friends.

And this is key. It is always hard to strike out there and try something new. Be it a new job, new relationship, new career. It is all terrifying. I know, I do it all the time. Comes from this idea that I can make something of myself. And these people keep encouraging me. So, if there is anyone to blame for my relentless belief that I will succeed, well, it’s them. And I couldn’t live without them.

Thank you, my wonderful army of slightly cracked optimists. Without you I might believe the evidence that says the odds are against me.


One Response to “Will I ever get this post up?”

  1. William Kendall said

    You’re welcome, Erin!

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