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Shhh… I’m going to tell you a secret

Posted by erinlausten on March 29, 2011

As promised, I am now going to tell you 7 things you do not know about me. Actually, I will be spreading this out over time as I find it difficult to limit my thoughts to a list. I come by this honestly as my father, gregarious by nature, found it hard to limit his thoughts to a conversation lasting less than an hour. I have simply found writing to be my outlet for the jumble of nonsense floating around in my head.

I start with a confession. I do not know that I have necessarily kept this a secret. In fact, I keep very little secret, I have little use for them. But that is an entirely different conversation.

Back to the confession. I am an insatiable reader of romance novels. Yes. I inhale them. I have dedicated book shelves for my favorites. I will walk past the quality literature, the highly touted, the brilliantly reviewed to get to the romance section.

My first romance novel was purchased from the neighbor’s garage sale when I was eight. It was complete with bodice ripping, harem girl lounging, oh so bright colored cover. I’m giddy just remembering that cover. I handed the lady 50 cents and ran. I was so excited. I slinked up the stairs to my room and hid the book under my mattress.

I will not go into why I felt I needed to hide it, but I was eight. I was being bad. It was probably the baddest I have ever been. I am in general, pretty lame, so I remember this piece of youthful rebellion and secrecy with pride.

And I read the book. And reread it. And kept it hidden in my room for years. I let it go sometime in my college years when I was downsizing my life out of necessity, but I know what that cover looks like, and I will find it again. And really, I can’t wait.

So. Why do I, a highly educated philosophically inclined woman read romance novels like I’m a starving drug addict? Oh, for so many reasons, I could post for years about it. Maybe I will, but I will just give you a taste right now.

First. Romance novels expect nothing from me but a belief in love ever after. My whole life is spent with expectations. Work expects me to be a certain person, even family and friends have expectations. But romance? These books just tell you a story. I don’t have to translate, I don’t have to look deeper for the meaning. It’s obvious. Girl meets boy, they fall in love, insanity ensues, there is some miss-communication that makes things difficult, they figure it out, and then they move on. Happy ending. Life is great. Etc. Etc. And I just closed a book feeling happy and good and I know that something in the Universe makes sense.

And love. Oh love. I truly, one hundred percent, believe in love ever after. I’m a sap. It makes me happy. And I know for a fact it exists, I live it in my family, friends, and husband. I enjoy seeing it in stories. I can’t get enough.

And so. There you have it. A small introduction to my dirty little secret that I never really kept a secret, except when I was eight and, well. You get the idea. So when you see a lady sitting on a park bench, bus, plane, etc etc and she has open one of those “romance novels” just think, that could be Erin.

could be… But before I go. I haven’t added a video in a while and just had to,  I just had to. <silly grin>


4 Responses to “Shhh… I’m going to tell you a secret”

  1. When I sold my first book, I fought the “romance writer” label with everything I had, because unlike you, I had never read one. All I knew of romance novels was that everyone I knew made fun of them. I wrote my first series romance, a comedy, on a bet after telling an editor that anyone could write them. I wrote eight more, but romantic comedy wasn’t bodice-ripper romance, after all!

    It took me a long time to realize two facts: one, romance novels come in many genres and are not all sappy, and two, I am a romantic by nature, but waiting for my prince to come had made me cynical. I’m one of those nuts who believes there’s one soulmate for everyone….

  2. William Kendall said

    What a secret!

    I’m surprised at eight you’d think it was somehow a bad thing. Bodice ripping and all…

    Thirty seconds after the commercial ends, Fabio gets clobbered in the face by a sea gull.

  3. As you say, romance has many facets. Some genres within have very specific rules, but I think as we have seen with the fun with monsters, that those rules are meant to be played with. We want a good story. Romance (Comedy) and Tragedy. They have stayed the two steadfast story lines throughout history. I can enjoy a tragedy, within reason, but in general I am drawn to romance and comedy.

    And yes, the sea gull makes me smile… hehe

  4. Regina said

    I don’t remember how many romance novels that I had when I was younger. Yes, I totally obsessed over them and had a huge collection that I had to downsize eventually as well. Really great post.

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