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Bugs…why does it always have to be bugs?

Posted by erinlausten on April 19, 2011

Alright, so my title is a shameless play on Indiana Jones. I feel justified though. My husband is an archaeologist and he is terrified of snakes. It makes me kind of a real live Mrs. Jones. Sort of. It isn’t exactly a life full of life and death chases and fantastical mystical discoveries. Oh the things I could tell you about the “real archaeology”. But I like the fantasy as it is better, so we won’t go any farther on that topic.

So, we are back on the quest to tell you something about me that you don’t know. And I think I may finally have one. I am (while not exactly terrified) extremely squeemish around big bugs. Whoopty Doo you say. Who isn’t you say. Right. Ok, so it may not seem like  a big deal to you, but I have lived under an illusion my entire life that I am a big tough girl that laughs in the face of fear, that mocks the more sinister things in life, that can take over the world with a few choice words and proper preperation (I just haven’t chosen to yet).

And I hate bugs.

Not just any bugs. Most I could care less about. I’m indifferent. Let them live, let them die, it is not really an issue to me. However. There is a certian class of bug that reduces me to a withering mass of wimphood.

I’m talking about big bugs. The kind with big black hard bodies. Including, but not limited to roaches and beetles (the big ones). I am sure this comes from some deep seeded childhood fear, but all I can say is they make me jump around like a school girl with a lizard down her back. I won’t kill them. I won’t shoo them away. I am not quite overcome with life stopping fear (the type found a the top of a cliff, see this post to see what I am talking about) but when spotting these nefarious creatures of the urban jungle, I turn around and walk away.

Literally. I will not share a room with one of these. And at times it is quite drastic. Case in point. One day (years ago) I am about to go into the house and a giant June Bug (giant beetle thing) bounces off my head and into the house. If you have ever been around June Bugs you know they are the drunk drivers of the insect world. They bounce into everything. And in my saner moments, I find them amusing. But This One bounced off My head. And into My house. Yes. Quite terrifying. I didn’t go into the house. I sat outside for two hours trying to get up enough nerve to go into my house. (It should be noted that these bugs are completely harmless. Stupid. But harmless. And I know this. Have known this. This, however, is not the point. It is a big black beastie bug. That is the point) Well, I got tired of waiting around and beating myself up about being a wimp. So I went to the bar to find my roommate. After all, I wasn’t going in without her, and maybe a couple beers would help with the courage.

It did. Mostly. I still slept with one eye open.

So. Why the story? What deep over arching theme have I found in this episode of my life? Well today, none. I could probably come up with something, but really. Today really is a simple post. I don’t like bugs. At all.

And no. We never did find the June Bug in the house.


One Response to “Bugs…why does it always have to be bugs?”

  1. William Kendall said

    The reason you never found the june bug is that it went out the back door. Yes, they can open doors on their own…

    And we’re all allowed to borrow Indiana Jones quotes. I’ll be doing the same myself a few blogs down the line…

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