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Lets sit down and talk a little business

Posted by erinlausten on May 11, 2011

Now things are gonna have to change around here…

Ok, so nothing that dramatic. But it is time to come to terms with where I am and where we go from here. When I first started this blog I wrote quite a bit about my progress. Posting here helped me focus on what I was doing and what I needed to do. For those that helped me through that, thank you, and I still need you.

You see, I have finished two major manuscripts. The first is a fun novella that is in the middle of formatting and cleaning up for publication at a number of online retailers. (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords to start). The second is a full-length novel, the first book in my Viator Legacy Urban Fantasy Series, and that is at my beta readers. This one I hope to have up and ready for your eager fingers by July. But we shall see.

So. There’s the update. I haven’t been talking much about my works in progress because I have been head down and slogging through the technical details. Editing, poking, prodding, begging the words to come out pretty. I have been learning the business of writing, weighing the options, choosing a way to go and all this I have kept from you.

And there is a good reason. This business of writing is just that–a business. Learning to do it right is no different from preparing for any other career. You have to learn how it works, put in a lot of hours before you even get that first job, then make choices about where you want to work, where you could possibly get work, and then how to keep the job.

Many authors and aspiring authors go into great detail about this process. People like Joe Konrath,  Nathan Bransford, and Dean Wesley Smith, have been invaluable to teaching me about the business. A number of editors, agents, authors, aspiring authors and anyone else you can imagine have weighed in on the business and provided insight to how it works, how it can work, and how it should work. It is eye-opening as well as overwhelming at times.

But I am not one of them. I feel too much like the student. I am learning this new road and making my choices, but I am in the “wait and see” time of my life. I am sticking my neck out there, trying new things, and I may even tell you a little about it when it is successful. And probably even when it fails. But there is no running commentary along the way.

I am also not a focused blogger. Oh I wish I could be at times. I see so many brilliant and wonderful bloggers out there. Many are listed in my blogroll (look to the right, see that? Yes, they are awesome. You should check them out). But I have a difficult time coming up with the best, brightest, most engaging blog posts. And it bothers me. (Holy moly, did I say this was going to be a poor me confessional? Totally out of character, I apologize). But I am a writer. I write fiction. I write stories. But I need this blog to talk to you. To see who you are and hopefully connect in a meaningful way that will share what I am and the work I do in a way that you find valuable.

So, for the last year this blog has been a sounding board. A way to empty out my head and practice talking to you. Now, I am ready for the next step in my career. I am going to self publish my stories. And I hope to share them with you. I can go into great detail why I choose to self-publish, and if you are interested feel free to send me an email to ask. I would be happy to start that dialog. But, honestly, I have decided that at this time it is the right decision for me. Will it change? I don’t know. But I am taking the plunge and this is the direction I have chosen.

So. That brings us back to the beginning. Things are going to change. I am going to focus this blog on what I write and what I have to offer you. I will still write about my thought processes and put up fun videos when I feel so moved. But I am determined to turn this into an engaging means to connect with you the reader and I don’t believe I have done a stellar job of that as of yet.

If you have suggestions or comments, I am more than eager to receive! And in the near future, I will be introducing you to my writing, my worlds, and all those things I have spent the last year working tirelessly on.


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