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It is all about the relationship

Posted by erinlausten on June 13, 2011

I was catching up on reading my blogs this afternoon and came across something that made my day. Norma Beishir sent out a shameless plug for me on her blog Windchaser’s Journey this weekend. <blush> This makes me happy. Norma has been an incredibly supportive and friendly face on an otherwise intimidating Web and having her mention me as someone worth reading just made my day. Which is good, because this morning showed all the signs for an overly irritating day. Funny how that happens.

And so, the big lesson for today? It’s all about relationships. Why do we feel sad when someone dies alone and unnoticed? Because they lacked relationships. It is a piece of life that makes us live fuller more enriched lives. And no, I don’t think I am saying anything ground breaking here. But, there is an interesting shift going on that is changing how we all live and do business.

People are not happy with one-sided relationships. We don’t want companies to just sell us stuff. We want to be active parts of their lives. Why else would we care to “like” a product or company page on Facebook. Surely not so they can sell us things easier. It’s why twitter has taken off. We do follow those who don’t follow anyone and have thousands following them, but I prefer those that follow a lot of people too, and possibly me as well. I like that my favorite authors, actors, and others can see my tweets as well as interact with me. I feel like I am in a relationship.

It takes a lot of work, this relationship building, but it is far more pleasant than the alternative. Sure I like having someone just buy my books. But I love seeing people talk about it, even if it is just a thumbs up (or even a thumbs down, it hurts, but it’s feedback nonetheless).

So thank you Norma for reminding me I am not alone out here!


2 Responses to “It is all about the relationship”

  1. I’ve always enjoyed your blogs!

    It’s important that as authors we support each other. Word of mouth in this business is invaluable, and other authors are our first promoters. A good reputation among your peers is golden, while developing a bad rep can be costly.

    Here’s hoping you have every success, girl. You’ve earned it!

  2. William Kendall said

    You’ve certainly got a voice that deserves to be heard, Erin, through your writing. Norma made a good selection!

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