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Putting on the Spotlight

Posted by erinlausten on June 29, 2011

I have met some pretty amazing people on the web. I was skeptical when I first started. But, it didn’t take me long to learn the value of keeping in touch with people I already knew through email and social sites like Facebook. But to actually meet people on the web? Now that I didn’t believe for one second could be done. Not in any meaningful way at least. And boy was I wrong. Now that is not to say that the way I know these people on the web is the same as how I know the people in my non-digital sphere, but there is something there nonetheless.

Some are mostly one-sided. I have followed their digital footprint and gained significantly from their work and influence. Others have developed into a more reciprocal relationship. But I have grown to know all these people, some as teachers, some as friends. And I think it is time to start introducing them to you. I will over the next several posts be highlighting those that have impacted me in my online endeavors and hopefully you too will walk away the better for it.

Today I want to start with William Kendall.  <waves enthusiastically across the sea of digital interference>

William is a writer and blogger that has entertained me for over a year. His timely sense of humor and insight into current events is always sure to make me smile or think (two things I tremendously appreciate as I do not believe there is enough smiling or thinking in the world today). I am a huge fan of his collection of political cartoons and his taste in movies is sublime (we pretty much like the same stuff, what can I say, he’s brilliant).

I am waiting eagerly for his first novel Heaven & Hell. He keeps teasing us with descriptions and commentary; I am practically foaming at the mouth to get my hands on a copy. Ah, but then patience is not one of my many virtues. To make up for this, I satisfy myself with reading his blog Speak of the Devil.

I highly recommend clicking on his blog link and when his book is available. Buy it. But you will have to stand behind me in line because I am already there.


5 Responses to “Putting on the Spotlight”

  1. William Kendall said

    Thank you, Erin!

    Four chapters to go, I’m on my way to home plate, and that damned Yankees catcher is screaming at the right fielder to toss the ball home….

    • Not to worry! The right fielder has been distracted by a blond in the bleachers showing too much cleavage. The man couldn’t throw straight if his life depended on it anyway, so run man run!!!

  2. I’ve read it, and you’ll find it’s definitely worth the wait!

  3. Mike said

    I can’t wait for Heaven and Hell to come out. I have no doubt it’s going to rock.

  4. The number of wonderful people on the internet — including William — is truly amazing.

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