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To Reach the Top

Posted by erinlausten on July 1, 2011

I had the pleasure of working with a student today that did more to teach me then I could ever do to teach him. There are moments in life when you know for a fact that the experience you just had was more profound, more inspiring than the majority of life’s events. In just one hour I walked away knowing that this one man will touch the lives of people and bring about positive change and inspiration unlike any other. And he is going to be a teacher. The educational system is in good hands with this man.

And it brings me to this thought. It is easy to get hung up on the details, the negativity, the insecurities and the challenges. They stand there in front of you like a giant a mountain filled with impenetrable forests, cliffs, dangerous animals, and impossible heights. You can look at that mountain and turn around, positive that there is no way to scale it. You can decide to walk around, taking the easier route that will take forever to travel and provide no challenge. But in the end, you never reach the top. It is a pinnacle you will never reach.

Or you can look at that mountain and tell yourself that nothing will beat you. You will face it with determination and perseverance. And each challenge that you conquer will take you just a little bit closer to the top.

 To do this you have to know in your heart that what waits at the top is worth it. The guiding hand that helps you over those rocks has to shine within you every step of the way. The reason you climb has to be more powerful than anything that can get in your way. That is the road that can defeat adversity. The principles you hold in your heart the strength that guides your steps. And when you finally reach the top, it is the principles and the determination that enveloped you that made the journey worth it. You find that the success came not from acquiring what you aimed for at the top, but from the challenges and fight that brought you to the top. It is the having of dreams that matters, not the dream itself.

I am ready to conquer that mountain. Are you ready to scale it with me?


2 Responses to “To Reach the Top”

  1. It would depend upon the mountain. Some must be scaled alone.

    Good blog.

    • I would agree. Sometimes the journy is solitary. I have found though that while many of us have our own mountains to climb, knowing that others are climbing their own as well we gain strength and companionship.

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