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The Spotlight Shifts: Norma Beishir

Posted by erinlausten on July 5, 2011

I decided recently to spotlight several wonderful people who have impacted, influenced, and inspired me in this crazy world we call the Web. It is easy to get caught up in the sea of information and sometimes it is just as easy to forget that behind all those words are real people with hearts and souls, dreams and causes, fears and insecurities. So much of what we read, from news articles to blogs feel impersonal. Many people remove their soul from their writing and when you’re just surfing for information sometimes we like to forget that the fingers that clicked out those words is anything but a machine. I, however, love to see the person in the words. My favorite writers and bloggers ooze personality and feeling. Isn’t it amazing that we all use the same language, can write the same words, and yet the people behind those words can still shine so bright?

And so I bring you Norma Beishir.

Norma has published 14 novels via the traditional publishing method and now has moved into self-publishing. She tells of her journey as a writer in her numerous blogs. I follow the Windchaser’s Journey religiously, though I recommend catching up on her other writings as well.

But what makes her stand out among the masses? Ah, and this is where we bring it back full circle. This woman has heart and soul in what she writes. She is active on her blog, but makes the effort to support others online. It’s a lonely road we walk in this writer’s life, but she has consistently reached out to provide encouragement and kind thoughts to others.

When you’re trying something new, going to school, trying for that new job, or just learning something new advice is easy to find. There are workshops, books, tutorials, classes, everything your heart desires to help you make your way toward a goal. But sometimes the most important piece is having someone put their hand on your shoulder and say “you’re doing fine, keep it up.”

And this is sometimes the most difficult help to find. Thank you Norma for doing this for me.

So for those out there looking for a great read, I highly recommend the Windchaser’s Journey. Also check out Chasing the Wind and Final Hours. I promise you will not be disappointed.


22 Responses to “The Spotlight Shifts: Norma Beishir”

  1. William Kendall said

    Bravo, Erin! I know Norma will be pleased. She’s a true friend, a tremendous writer, and wise in the ways of this field. Writers can learn a lot from her.

  2. Thank you, Erin. I’m not sure I deserve so much praise, but thank you. I get your blog via email, but it hadn’t arrived yet. William told me to get my butt over here and have a look (not in those exact words, but….).

    I think it’s very important for writers to support each other. There’s room for everybody, and success for one opens doors for others.

    • It is quite deserved, I think, if you look at the lives you’ve touched just in the comments section. 🙂 Being an unintentional teacher can come out of nowhere at times, and sometimes it isn’t recognized as easily.

  3. Thedesertrocks said

    I agree Erin. Norma Beishir is a very talented writer and I am grateful for her friendship. Just imagine–with all her success she could have moved into a far off castle with an ocean view and no internet connection!

  4. Norma is one of the first writers on the internet who felt “real” for me. She’s been patient when I get whiny and insecure, and is quick with a word of encouragement. I feel very fortunate to count her among my friends.

  5. Karla, I don’t remember you ever being whiny….

  6. Mike said

    Norma deserves recognition. She is both humble and loyal to her friends. She is always ready to lend a helping hand to us newbies. She is definitely someone to look up to.

  7. What they all said — Norma’s one of a kind!

  8. I definitely wouldn’t be the writer I am without Norma. She’s been an inspiration to me since I first met her three years ago, and she’s a fantastic friend and mentor. Not to mention that her amazing books have provided me with hours of entertainment 🙂

  9. Erin, I would like to invite you to guest blog at Windchaser’s Journey. Anything you want to write about.

    • It would be my pleasure to guest blog on your site.

      (Ok, that was the calm, professional reserved me… now really… Squee!!! I would love to)

      Did I really Squee? what am I becoming? But really, it would be super cool and I am stoked that you asked. It is quite fun seeing the reaction that has been made of my post about you. It is heartening to see that something as simple as a thank you and spotlight could create some of the best buzz I’ve had. So much better than if it were caused by negativity. Thanks for the fun!

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