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Spotlight on Shahrinaz

Posted by erinlausten on July 12, 2011

Today I’m continuing the thread on the Spotlight Series. There really aren’t enough days in the year to spotlight all the stellar folks out there that have impacted my life, but I sure as (ahem) am going to try. Today I want to illuminate the Raq’in group Shahrinaz. (Raq’in is an attempt at belly dance humor. You see raqs sharki is an Arabic term for the dance. For a little more about this fascinating art from check out this site). I have had the honor of working with this group of ladies for years, though they established themselves as a working troupe one year ago. Through their dance they seek to bring love, laughter and entertainment to the crowds they draw.

What is it about Shahrinaz that has caught my eye? Well, beside the fact that they have acknowledged my brilliance (I jest, because if anyone out there understands my often misplaced confidence and arrogance they do).

NOTE: I sent this blog post off to one of the ladies to check out and this is the response I got “Wow! Nice blog pre-post. Although I would remove the backpedaling; you are brilliant and all your readers should know this by now”. What am I to do when they won’t allow me to express humility? Is it any wonder I have arrogance issues?

Now, back to the story that actually matters.

These fancy ladies refuse to be limited by convention and rules. They think so far outside the box sometimes I wonder if they would even know how to find said box. In addition to performing American Tribal Style Belly Dance they have moved to specializing in geek events such as steampunk, comicons, and horror film festivals. They don’t take themselves too seriously but are very serious about what they do. You can check them out at Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.




One Response to “Spotlight on Shahrinaz”

  1. William Kendall said

    There’s always, of course, a very strong sensuality to belly dancing. I find it fascinating. Thanks for profiling them!

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