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City of Hope and Breast Cancer Awareness!

Posted by erinlausten on October 3, 2012

It’s fall! It’s time to brush off the dirt from the cave we here in the desert have been hiding in. You think I jest? Still hitting over one-hundred in October, but that’s ok; it’s nice in the morning. That means it’s Fall!

With that in mind, I am zipping around, prepping manuscripts, popping out chapters, getting the boys out more often, and doing that thing that never goes away… the day job. But besides that, I can’t help but be distracted by pink. Yep, it’s October and it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month. I like to be involved, but want to find something I can do on top of everything else I have on my plate. So here it is!

This year I will be donating $1 to City of Hope here in Phoenix for every copy of Cibola’s Promise and Unexpected purchased in October. So if you’ve been meaning to grab a copy, this is the month to do it. Have a blast with some fantasy and support a great cause!

Purchases count from any of the online distributors as well as the print editions available through Amazon. So take your pick!


3 Responses to “City of Hope and Breast Cancer Awareness!”

  1. Certainly a worthy cause, Erin!

  2. This is a good idea! We should all be doing it!

  3. Lena said

    Erin, great cause! And you are doing a great thing! And I also encourage women to go get a mammogram this month so we can all take care of our health. Sometimes women, esp mothers are busy looking after everyone except themselves. Good luck Erin, and hope you raise a lot of money for such a noble cause!

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