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My Books

Here are listed all the books and stories I have currently available.

If you are ever so moved, I always appreciate reviews! Let me know what you think on Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or any of your favorite booksellers.

Viator Legacy Series


Hailey McIntyre’s life may have been boring, but facing down pirates, Nazis and mad scientists was not exactly how she wanted to spice up her life. Unfortunately, when you develop an unexpected ability to travel through time, you don’t exactly get a choice in the matter. At least things start to look up when the super sexy Derian drops in to rescue her. Not that she needed rescuing, but she won’t tell him that.

In this action packed adventure romance join Hailey and Derian as they run for their lives against a threat neither expected. Discover the world of the Viator and travel through history like never before.

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Unforeseen--Final 96dpi

A sheltered Seer and a seasoned time traveling Warrior join forces in a tense alliance against an unknown enemy. Both war with their past as well as their hope for the future

“Mr. Luke! You look like you’ve been drug by a horse and spit up by vultures.”

“Things have been complicated.


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Viator Unmasked Series

Shadows and Intrigue

A chance meeting in the night has Lisa wondering if her intuition has taken time off. Oozing charm and mystery, Carlo has her intrigued from the first moment. But once her intuition finally kicks in it might be a little too late for her heart to recover.

In this supplementary short story to the Viator Legacy Series, Erin Lausten delves deeper into the mystery that surrounds Carlo, a character with more secrets than a prowling cat.

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Marvelous MacHurdyGurdy Traveling Show

Cibola’s Promise

Legends inspire feats beyond imagination. Where good and evil are a matter of perception. Are you brave enough to follow The Marvelous MacHurdyGurdy Traveling Show through gritty mining towns and barren desert on a quest to meet their destiny? Discover the promise with a remarkable cast of characters…

Join the Marvelous MacHurdyGurdy Traveling Show performers and the characters they exploit in this series of three stories that lead to a promise of revenge and unparallelled wealth ! Be transported to a time that never was in an adventure only found in the mind of dreamers.

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Cibola's Revenge

Not much is left of The Marvelous MacHurdyGurdys, as Mordecai pushes his family in search of the lost city of gold. A small band of misfits struggle to catch the opportunistic snake-oil salesman and take  back what is rightfully theirs.

Sybil must decide to follow her own unbelievable destiny or continue to fight for the small bit of humanity she has left.


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Paranormal Romance

Love Uncommon

Laura Betancourt flew to England to finish research for her Master’s Thesis in archaeology. She expected to spend hours elbows deep in old church records; not on an adventure through time right into the arms of the infuriatingly handsome Marquess of Dersingham. Will she choose to return to a life she knows ? Or will she take the chance on a love found in the Regency village of Ravenstone?

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