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Free Free Free!!!

Posted by erinlausten on April 12, 2011

That’s right folks. It’s free!

That’s it. That is about the extent of my schilling skills. But, hey. It’s free.

So what’s free? Well, I am glad you asked.

I have uploaded a short story at Smashwords. It was an experiment to learn how the process works and also to force myself to put something out there. To risk it all and let people see how I write. And so it is there, for You. For Free. So, take a moment, head over to the site and download your copy today!   I hope you enjoy. See below for the description. And as always I welcome your feedback!

Yuma: A short story romance (click link to go to download)

I always thought love was found on exotic beaches and at hometown picnics, not on bombing ranges. But then again, life is never normal for an archaeologist. Here’s the tale of how I met the love of my life, the only man for me.

“Yep. That’s unexploded ordnance.” Jeffery commented. Both he and Matthew stood with their arms crossed against their chests, looking down at it with the manly consideration reserved for beat up vehicles, broken garbage disposals, and apparently artillery.
“Is it live?” I asked
“Don’t know.” Our trusty EOD expert replied. He pulled a GPS from his backpack and began plugging in the location for future reference.
“If I had stepped on it would it have blown up?” My mind flashed to the training video we had been forced to watch explaining the dangers of unexploded ordnance and the very real possibility of death or injury.
“Maybe.” He smiled.
I pursed by lips and squinted. “You’re messing with me.”
He shrugged and turned back the way they had come. I glared at his back, then walked a good ten feet around the ordnance and flounced through the brush. Matthew’s infectious laughter caught me before I could outrun it.


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