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Posts Tagged ‘patience’

Gnarly but Worth It!

Posted by erinlausten on May 13, 2015

Life loves Chaos! But that is where we grow and how adventures come about, so I’ll take it.

We have all experienced the increase in demands on our time, our brain-power or our attention. While I have been experiencing all three recently I am also taking every opportunity to write! Because I need to. Because it makes the rest of it worth it. Because there is a back-up in the express lane of my imagination which will only get worse if I don’t. I will always take the opportunities big or small to write and remind myself that the tortoise won the race.

Now, I know you all have been patiently waiting for Deadbeat. It is >this< close to the release. Yet since you’ve been so patient, I am going to give you a sneak-peek. Here is an excerpt from the first chapter:

“You are so not staying here.” He turned pathetic, sappy eyes on her and she blanched. “No! That worked once. Not again, I am not that stupid!”
Clarence shuffled his feet, touching his nose in obvious discomfort. “Come on Meg, I don’t have anywhere else to go.”
“I’ll be quiet. You won’t even notice me. I’ll even clean!”
The man had never cleaned a room in his life. Megan gritted her teeth and her words came out in a hushed growl. “You left twenty dead rats in the air ducts.”
“Ungh. I did?”
He looked so genuinely confused and contrite Megan deflated. With skin like brittle bleached parchment and stringy hair, he was the portrait of the permanently down and out. It was happening. Last time he’d left, she swore she wouldn’t fall for his sappy sucker punches. Self-preservation required strength and an unyielding commitment to her decisions. She deserved her solitude. Wallowing in her misery alone was her right, and no matter how bad he looked or how obviously down and out he seemed, she was not obligated one bit to help.

He wiped his hand against his nose and the blood smeared across his cheek. But it wasn’t gross–well it was gross–but it was also…sad. Damn it, she was going to fall for it again. She said, “How did you survive the last hundred years?”

See you all next week with an update.



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If you put it on the back burner…

Posted by erinlausten on February 8, 2011

If you put it on the back burner… make sure you turn down the heat.

This month (and into next) is absolutely nutty. I have two major events, one for the Society for Creative Anachronism and another for Shahrinaz at the Wild Wild West Con. This is all great fun and absolutely essential to my writing. You would not believe the inspiration I derive from these activities! But it does mean that my editing is on the shelf for the moment. It’s just sitting there. Smoking.  I have to let it sit though, if I go and blow on it, it could go up in flames.

This also means my time table for submission has been skewed, but that’s my fault for not being realistic–or patient. There’s that word again. Patience. Oh how I loathe thee…

Ah well, moving on.

Now to help get me into the medieval mood…

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On Patience and Obsession

Posted by erinlausten on January 14, 2011

Photo by Jonathan Billinger

I can be a bit obsessive. It has yet to become compulsion, but obsession nonetheless. So, I have to redirect my energies. I’m not allowed to smoke anymore, so nix that. Television lacks any former draw for my attention (not particularly interesting as it has never pulled me beyond a minor alternative to eye-piercing boredom). And all the little projects that constantly fill up my plate feel more like gnats strafing my ears than the usual entertaining diversions.

What is this I feel? Is it boredom? I haven’t felt bored in years. Not since I met my husband, definitely not since the arrival of my new born son.  So what is this feeling that has me caged in, frantic, frazzed out like a chipmunk that just watched the Planters Peanut truck flip on the highway?

It’s familiar. Like what you feel on the way up the log ride right before THE BIG DROP. Anticipation is such a poor word for it. Unless uttered through the most luscious lips of Dr. Frank-N-Furter, then maybe. Waiting is bad too. I’m not waiting. I’m banging my head against an immovable object that by the pure force of my will should blow into a million tiny pieces. Waiting suggests patience. I have none. Waiting suggests a sense of calm acceptance. Once again, WRONG.

Patience. There is that awful word again. My tragic flaw. That piece of personal improvement that will forever mock me as I struggle through this life. (Struggle is such a strong word, but I am feeling dramatic, work with me here) I feel I am at a crossroads. The trouble is I have no problem choosing a way. But I feel I am being held in place, at the California border, stuck behind a truck that obviously has undeclared fruit packed from top to bottom. (Fruit flies. Damn them all. Damn them all to hell). And I have road rage at the crossroads. How can you have road rage on the intangible road to discovery?

Patience. So I have a choice. Learn to wait with grace as the pieces fall into place so I can continue my journey down a new road OR refit my hats to compensate for the flat panel that my forehead will become as I repetitively slam it against the wall. The choice is easy. I know a milliner.

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