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The Excitement… It’s Overwhelming

Posted by erinlausten on November 13, 2013

I’m just a tad excited. Ok, a lot excited. I’ve told you about Unforeseen coming out next week. I have comments back from Betas on Cibola’s Revenge and shooting to have that out by Christmas. But now, I have a new announcement, I am launching a new Pen Name, to  write my happy, fun, lovely romances. Oh, they are fairly steamy too. They just don’t fit in the same vein as my Erin Lausten books. So if you like sweet, steamy fantasy fodder, check out Amie Archer at

Now what has me super excited is not only am I telling the world Amie exists, but I am also releasing her (my) first book. It’s a novella, it’s hot and just in time for Christmas. Before you ask, it is titled Cabin Fever. Oh yeh, did I say hot? Yum. In addition to this first book, I will have two more out before Christmas. So if a heat-filled romance is something you like, check out Amie Archer’s blog and like her on Facebook!

Wait… did I say I have three books for Amie, and two for Erin coming out before Christmas? Yes, yes I did say that. No I am not a mutant (though you could say some of my characters are… Viators maybe? Hmmm), but I do have that many books to release. I just happen to have a backlog which is finally getting cleaned out.

How am I handling all this insanity? Well, I can say I’m just a little nutty. Not the normal nutty, but a more frazzled, excitable, happy nutty. I couldn’t do this without a huge support staff. Well, not huge, but the help and support these key players provide is HUGE. Consider  yourself warned that you will see a flurry of madness over the next couple of months and then we’ll be back on track. After the madness I’ll be working on a new project. A super-secret project ….ok, I can’t keep secrets. It’s about vampires…and werewolves… and fairies… and centaurs…and Chihuahuas… um, yeh, I said Chihuahuas. It’s going be a blast. It will be MY fun take on the supernatural genre. So, keep watching—things are about to get Verrrry interesting.


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Must Speak Fluent ‘Dude’

Posted by erinlausten on December 6, 2011

Hi All! Yes, you guessed it, it’s Hailey and I’ve been tapped to blog again. Apparently Erin can’t seem to get enough of my priceless wit and personality. Or, which is what I find more likely, she is overwhelmed with the pressures of unexpected celebrity.

Ok, I’m kidding. She’s no runaway success. Not yet.

She is, however, stressing. She swears she’s inspired, but I know better. I’ve seen that crazy look in her eye before. She’s plotting some terrible stuff for this next book and is eager to share.  This means she has created ridiculous time lines and overly ambitious expectations of herself. Granted, she delivers when she puts on the pressure, but the rest of us tend to suffer. But what can you do? She’s the boss.

Luckily, I’m riding in the sidecar for this next book, so no more pirates, Nazis or evil scientists for me.

Hold on. She’s giggling. That is so not good.

Dude, I’m rethinking the day I signed up for this. Have I told you this story yet? No, ok, get this. I was sitting around in literary limbo. You know– that place where fictional characters chill until one of the muses smacks an author upside the head and creates inspiration. All the good characters get picked up quick, so by the time we get into a good game or conversation they get whisked off to the great paperback in the sky.   This left me with some of the less creative figments of imagination. Let’s just say I was getting sick of playing Gin Rummy with serial killers, weepy teens, and narcissistic heroes.

Then it happened.  I was wasting some time checking out the character classifieds. And there it was. Erin Lausten was looking for a kick butt heroine with a sense of adventure, a strong personality, and an ability to adapt to whatever got slung at her. I always wanted to be a protagonist and I figured an adventure romance was just the thing for me. And even better, there would be no vampires. I can’t handle needles.  I sure as heck can’t deal with a dude with two hypodermics sticking out of his mouth. I had turned down a ton of positions (ok, maybe not a ton, but a few. I’m not a total loser) because they had vamps in them.

The only stipulation was ‘must speak fluent dude’.

Ok, I know. What does that mean? Well turns out, Erin spent some time in Southern California. Some time being her formative adolescent years. She had what the world likes to affectionately call a Valley Girl accent. Except, it wasn’t totally. She was a far cry from the high-pitched atrocity seen in the movie Clueless. Hers was a little closer to what was seen in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

Anyway, she wanted someone who spoke the language of her youth. But not the “Oh my god, she was like, totally for real” aspect of the accent. She wanted someone who understood the appropriate use of the word “Dude”.  Remember these?

Dude.  Anyway, I had some experience. I once read lines with a few aspiring B-movie characters hoping to break into the pot movies of the late 90’s. So I went in for the interview.

I was a little unsure what to expect. But she looked normal enough and we got along pretty good from the start. She’s your garden variety lady. Easy smile, smart eyes. A little pudgy around the middle, but hey, I’m not one to judge. I expect I’d gain a few over the years, if I weren’t a fictional character. Anyway. She asked if I wanted a chance at being a star and handed me the contract. What can I say, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Next thing I know, she’s coming up with “ideas”.  And the rest… well let’s just say it was a bit Unexpected.

(Like how I did that? Yeh, I think Erin will like it too. Well time to go! Catch you all soon! And if you haven’t read my book, you know the one where I’m the star, what are you waiting for?)

Join Hailey and Derian in a fast paced adventure in time against forces no one expected. In fact, it was all quite Unexpected. Now on Amazon , Barnes & Noble, Apple, and Smashwords!

Are you interested in knowing the minute my books are available? Send me an email at and I will put you on the list. I promise not to spam you with a constant barrage of sales pitches. I’ll only send information when something new is out.
You can also keep tabs on my progress at my Facebook fanpage and on Twitter.

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Unexpected Test Drive: Chapter 1

Posted by erinlausten on November 22, 2011

I am so excited to have this book available. Can you tell??? So far it has been fabulously received and I am tickled at the comments from my readers. In the tradition of sharing, I wanted to give those of you on the fence about whether you really want to crack open–I mean click the link to that Ebook–a taste of what the world of the Viator is all about. And here it is, Chapter 1 of Unexpected.


Chapter one

White. Why had she worn white? Hailey McIntyre grabbed a napkin and dipped it into her glass of water then scrubbed viciously at her shirt. The orange stain faded but she was left with a giant wet spot across her chest that would take an hour to dry. She sighed, gave it up for lost and returned her attention to lunch.

Jason smirked at her from across the table. She responded with a middle finger salute then laughed as her heart warmed. He was the brother she’d never had and those were the best kind. They never fought over parental approval or premium bedroom spaces. Their affection could be real without the history and it was absolutely perfect.

The wax paper crinkled as she wrapped her fingers around the special sauce soaked sandwich. Grease and caffeine had been just the thing to stop the incessant pounding in her head. She really needed to rethink the wisdom of going out to the bar on a work night. Casting a glare at Jason she wondered how he managed to always wake up no worse the wear from a night out. The man had to have some kind of party man super power.

Based on the sappy grin he’d shared when he passed her cubical that morning he’d gotten lucky the night before too. She said, “So, how do you do it? How do you walk out of the bar every night with a different man on your arm?”

He waggled his eyebrows and leaned against the back of the thin plastic yard chair that lent that special seedy ambiance to Rizzo’s Super Subs. His hands patted his belly. A black cotton t-shirt clung to his slight paunch. Black might be slimming, but it didn’t hide it all. “It’s the power of smokin’ hot abs, babe. I can turn a man on fire at fifty paces.”

Hailey rolled her eyes. “You are a piece of work.”

“A work of art, sweet heart. A work of art,” he said. The chair, fed up with the ill use, folded back on itself. Jason lunged forward, knocking the table several inches toward her. Swift hands saved her Diet Coke from tipping over onto her half-eaten pastrami-on-rye: The best damn sandwich in Los Angeles County.

“I wish I could turn a man on fire at fifty paces.” She replied placing her soda back onto the plastic checkered table cloth.

“Girlfriend, you turn men on fire with that caustic wit of yours. There’s just nothing left of them to walk out of the bar with,” Jason said.

Hailey snorted and cracked a grin. He was right. She probably could have a guy on her arm with relative ease. The trouble started when she got bored. And she always got bored. If they weren’t talking about the drunkfest the night before they were bragging about their recent material acquisition. The winner last night had bought himself a brand new, hot off the presses, smart phone. Then spent three hours showing her every feature, every app—every stupid little thing until she wanted to dump the slim silver gadget into her pint of Sam Adams.

Her beer survived—enough for her to finish it. The poor sap hadn’t been so lucky. As each agonizing minute progressed her remarks went from witty to scathing until she reduced him to a withering weed at her feet. She left the bar with glares pounding her back, convinced that at thirty she was well on her way to spending her life as the crabby spinster that lived in the corner house waiting for the opportunity to turn the hose on the neighborhood kids.

The candy red plastic lunch baskets sat among the balled up napkins and grease covered wax paper like eighteen wheelers in a twenty car pile-up. The clock on her phone flashed the time and her shoulders sunk. Ten minutes until she needed to be back at her desk, plunging back into the mess that was the marketing proposal. Ten minutes that would feel like half a gasp. The four hours left in the work day would no doubt feel like fifty years.

“Dude, we have to go,” she said.

Jason tipped his head back and drained the last of his full octane Mountain Dew. Then stood and brushed the crumbs off his lap. He held out his elbow and she slid her fingers into the crook of his arm. It was nice having a man treat her like a lady. It was too bad he wasn’t her type. Or that she failed to have the correct anatomy for him.

“So, you’re going to love this.” He pushed open the door to Rizzo’s, letting in the ozone rich Los Angeles air. “McDermott is preggers.”

“Dude! Shut up!” She stopped and slapped him on the arm. “She’s what, like fifty?”


“Wow.” She hugged her arms around her chest. Karen McDermott, their manager and all around crazy lady, was pregnant. The woman had mood swings as a rule. Add hormones and the office might go up in flames before she reached full term. Terrifying was the only word for it. “Who would marry her? The man must want to kill himself.”

“It’s Ron in operations.” Jason started down the three crumbling cement steps that led toward the tiny back parking lot.

Once she pulled her lip off the ground she ran after him. “Ron? Little Ron, the one with the crooked teeth that won’t look anyone in the eye?”

“That’s him.”

“Oh my god. That is too much,” Hailey said. Her beat-up grey Civic waited pitifully beside the alley trash bin. When they’d arrived the lunch rush just hit, leaving the sliver of land as the only option. Now, the lot was empty save for the three cars that belonged to the staff. Flies buzzed around her head and she held her breath against the stench as she slid along the car to the driver’s side.

Hailey rifled through her purse for the keys as a scrawny man approached them. His saggy pants and over large shirt swallowed him up in un-mastered ghetto style. The glazed eyes of the eternally stoned peered out from beneath a beat-up baseball hat pitched precariously on stringy hair. Jason watched him with shoulders tense and lips thinned. Cursing her choice in handbags, Hailey’s fingers swam through the mass of receipts, makeup and gum wrappers. The keys and her cell phone had sunk to the deepest recesses and neither cooperated with her desperate search.

“Hey man, what’s up?” Jason kept his voice cool and relaxed, but his stance remained wary. The druggie stopped five feet from the car and glanced furtively to the side, his jittery reflexes sent waves of warning flowing through her head. His long-fingered hand slid into deep pockets and she held her breath in dread.

Jason threw his hands up with palms out and fingers wide. “Look dude, we don’t want trouble, tell us what you want.”

The man’s eyes were frantic and his lip curled as he snarled, “Shut up, fag and get away from the car.”

A gun flashed toward Jason as the man strode toward the driver’s side. “Give me the keys, bitch.”

“I…I can’t find them,” Hailey stammered. The world shrunk around her and time trickled to a creep. Blood rushed past her ears in a deafening roar and the hairs along her arms tickled in anticipation.

“I said give me the keys!” The man’s yellowing teeth bared and his fingers clenched the handle of the gun. Hailey squeaked, praying he wouldn’t shoot Jason.

“I think I left them inside,” she replied.

A red flush spread up the man’s neck. Hailey felt it before she saw the gleam in his eyes shift from barely restrained violence to deadly intent. When the gun swung toward her, Jason’s shouts were swallowed in a cotton-like fog. Fear barely registered when the gun went off. As the world around her flashed bright white she prepared for the excruciating pain of a bullet hitting her chest. Everything slowed to a crawl but her thoughts ran sharp and clear. This was a hell of a way to die, she thought just before she blacked out.

When her senses returned a wave of nausea flipped her stomach into a round of cartwheels. A headache split an arc of hot fire through her temples and her ears felt like someone had stuffed in cotton, added water, and shook. Strange, this was not what she thought getting shot would feel like.

She opened her eyes. Expecting to see the concerned faces of a couple of hot EMT’s or at the very least Jason, she was surprised to find her nose inches from a giant wooden barrel. A thin iron band ran around the bottom that held together the bentwood slabs. The last time she’d seen a barrel like that was with her Aunt Sue at the Old West movie lot. She was ten and Aunt Sue was cancer free.

Flipping to her back, she closed her eyes. Nausea swamped her stomach and only after several deep breaths was she able to reopen her eyes. Through the darkness, slivers of light peeked through the cracks between the hand-hewn wooden boards that made up the ceiling. A drop of water careened from a crack and splashed on her upper lip. The cool wetness settled against her skin triggering a torrent of sensations through her body. Her ears popped open with a horrendous howl.

“Argh!” She cringed and slapped her hands against her ears. Muscles twisted and agony shot through to the bone. The suddenness of the pain and sensations crashed her system sending shockwaves through her fingers and toes. It was as if a switch turned off the morphine drip. She curled into a ball and rocked.

It was impossible to guess how long she writhed on the hard floor but it eventually subsided and everything inched toward normalcy. Little sounds outside her head crept in. The creak of wood shifting its weight echoed through the room. The soft hum of voices floated above the laboring planks.

A loud thunk slammed through the ceiling. A rush of water droplets splashed across her body, soaking her already damp shirt. She sat up and scooted back to lean against the hard plank wall. The room rolled from side to side. Nausea followed at a softer pace, but threatened her equilibrium nonetheless. If it hadn’t been completely ridiculous she would have sworn she’d been dumped on a boat.

The room plummeted down and to the side then heaved back to settle into a mild rocking motion. She pressed her ear to the wall. Water sloshed against the wood. It must be some kind of hallucination.

No one sailed wood boats anymore. Unless they were weird—or rich. Maybe she’d been kidnapped by a crazy rich guy. A hot crazy rich guy. Now that might be something she could handle.

She struggled to her feet and rested a hand against the wall. When her head stopped spinning and stomach quit rolling she scanned the room for a way out. A soft frame of light illuminated a door several feet to her right. The barrels surrounding her were bound tight with thick twisted rope to prevent shifting. Somehow she’d been stowed in the only free space large enough for a body to stretch out.

Hailey wiggled and wound her way through the barrels to the narrow walkway that ran through the middle of the room. Once she reached the door it wouldn’t budge. Was she trapped accidentally? She couldn’t think of a single reason someone would lock her in a place like this.

Her fists pounded at the door, but all she managed was a muffled thud. Shouts and screams it was then.

“Hey! Let me out!” The room rang but the sounds dulled before they could make it through the walls and ceiling. After several minutes she leaned in and placed her ear against the crack between the door and jamb. Nothing. “Argh!”

She slumped to the floor and banged her head against the door. Going hoarse wouldn’t help the situation. She banged her head against the door again and was rewarded with a sharp pain through her temple. Beating herself senseless wouldn’t help either.

The heavy moisture seeped into her pores. A couple hours in this place and she’d have fingers like a Shar-pei’s face. All the events that led to this moment were laid out in her mind and not a single one added up. She gave up trying to figure it out when the scenarios included fairy dust and magic wands. Closing her eyes she commanded herself not to freak out.

Metal scraping against metal woke her from an unexpected doze. She had barely enough time to scramble to her feet before the door swung open and a backlit figure stood in the hall. With his short legs and wide shoulders he looked more like a podium than a man. He took a few steps into the room before he noticed her standing there.

“Holy Mother Mary!” He jumped back several feet and grabbed the door jamb. His other hand flew to his heart. The stink of unwashed masculinity wafted to her nose and instigated a new bout of nausea.

“Why are ye in ‘ere boy?”

“Excuse me?” Hailey said and stepped into the light.

“Lordy! Yer a woman!” His wide eyes, gapping mouth, and gender identification issues suggested she hadn’t been expected.

“Last time I checked.” Hailey peered over the sweat drenched man into a dimly lit hallway. Despite the man’s diminutive height, his broad shoulders and thick neck kept her wary. “Look, I’m not sure how I got here, but if you let me through I’m sure we can…”

Meaty hands shoved her back with such violence that she landed heavily on her tailbone. The door slammed shut and she heard the metallic scrape of the key turning in the lock before she caught her breath.

“Shit,” she breathed. With trembling limbs she struggled to stand, adrenaline pumped her heart like a bilge. She didn’t care if he was built like a bull dog; the man was going to find himself flat on his ass when she saw him again. She rubbed her tailbone. The fact that she’d never actually hit a person wasn’t relevant. No one pushed her.

Shouts failed to bring him back. Several violent kicks to the door just bruised her foot. Eventually she sat and buried her head in her arms. The day was really starting to suck. After a while her butt went numb and she stood to pace. Pacing always made things better. It settled her mind and let the thoughts fall into order. It also prevented the flood of tears perched precariously at the edge of her eyelids. She hated crying.

The sound of the key in the lock barely registered. She spun around just as the door swung open and a huge shadowy man loomed in the doorway. All her false bravado fled and she took a step back as he advanced into the room.

His voice boomed, “What, Madam,” he grabbed her elbow and yanked her against his chest. “Are you doing on my ship?”

oin Hailey and Derian in a fast paced adventure in time against forces no one expected. In fact, it was all quite Unexpected. Now on Amazon and Smashwords!

Are you interested in knowing the minute my books are available? Send me an email at and I will put you on the list. I promise not to spam you with a constant barrage of sales pitches. I’ll only send information when something new is out.
You can also keep tabs on my progress at my Facebook fanpage and on Twitter.

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The Hero’s Journey

Posted by erinlausten on November 18, 2011


Image by David Bailey

The hero’s journey is a constant concept built into the collective consciousness to such a point that we know exactly how the story goes. From Gilgamesh and Hercules to Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter we know the characters, the struggles, and the victories. It is like a perfect song. All the elements converge to create a seamless experience we recognize and expect.

These men are faced with an untenable situation, endowed with the skills, talents, and the desire to do the right thing. But within themselves they have a flaw that they must conquer in order to overcome the obstacles. Hercules spent years atoning for his flaws in order to be the hero. Luke Skywalker overcame youthful inexperience and lack of patience. Indiana Jones fought snakes (my personal favorite).

Actually, Indiana Jones is far more complex than an adventurer with a snake phobia. His values often collided with opportunity, fame and fortune. His fear of commitment and obsession with what seemed to be missing from his childhood often stood in the way of him becoming a pure hero.

This is how we like it. A hero with flaws. A hero that fights against himself as much as he fights against evil. He becomes real. A man, not a god.

The hero’s journey is all part of the shared cultural experience and we recognize it when we see it. We recognize when it is not quite right as well.

The heroine’s journey is just as recognizable, though not necessarily as prevalent in the shared culture. Often this story is about a woman’s self-discovery. It focuses on growth and development of internal strength. These are fabulous stories, heartwarming and encouraging. The best will take a woman from a point of absolute vulnerability to a point of self-mastery and absolute understanding of worth.

But what about women put in the hero’s journey? This is what I love to write. Is the hero’s journey gender specific? Yes and no. Men and women think about the world differently. If you don’t know this I recommend any number of books by Deborah Tannen.  The story will reflect this unique perspective.

In theory the circumstances and challenges that face them should be a constant. However, the world will react to each differently based on their gender. It is all very confusing at times to keep straight.

And what happens when you put a man and a woman into the same journey? Does the story remain focused on just one? In many cases it does. In romance and urban fantasies the story is often focused on the woman’s journey and to a lesser extent her significant other. The development of the secondary hero fluctuates by the author’s preference. In a number of genres the genders switch in focus, with the male taking the lead.

In Unexpected the journey is skewed toward Hailey. But Derian’s perspective is also examined. The hard part is ensuring that all characters provide the real appearance that they are experiencing their own journey. This is what creates authenticity in the story and prevents the impression that the supporting characters are cardboard cutouts simply there to provide environmental backdrops for the protagonist.

Did I do a good job? I will have to leave that to the readers. Let me know what you think!

Join Hailey and Derian in a fast paced adventure in time against forces no one expected. In fact, it was all quite Unexpected. Now on Amazon and Smashwords!

Are you interested in knowing the minute my books are available? Send me an email at and I will put you on the list. I promise not to spam you with a constant barrage of sales pitches. I’ll only send information when something new is out.
You can also keep tabs on my progress at my Facebook fanpage and on Twitter.

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Time Traveling Maniacs to Take Over the World!

Posted by erinlausten on November 16, 2011

If you have wondered why things have been quiet over the last couple of months I’ll fill you in. Life has been running at light speed. With several works in the pre-publication preparation phase, a children’s book being written by an alter ego, and life I kept my head down and focused on getting things done. For a fabulous article on Life and writing check out what Shelly wrote over at the Writers of Mass Distraction.

However, brace yourself because it is confetti time. That’s right. Unexpected is now available!

Cue the band leader folks, life is about to get exciting.

This novel has been in the works for just under a year. The characters and I have gotten to know each other in depth. In fact you may have already met Hailey in a previous post. Oh, and in this one too. She’s a spitfire that one and I assure you, we haven’t heard the last of her.

I am also eager to introduce you to her counterpart, Derian. He’s a nice guy. A nice guy that can kick some serious butt. He’s a bit quiet, so it may be like pulling teeth to get him out here, but I have some things hanging over his head, so I think I can bribe him to come out and play.

The Viator Legacy Series is packed with fabulous characters, many you will meet in the first novel Unexpected. I expect a few to spend some time here on the blog. Carlo and Poppi have already committed, but I have to keep them in line. We don’t want any more instances of character insubordination. So keep an eye out for that.

And Unexpected is only the beginning. The Viator Legacy Series is on its way to epic proportions. Unforeseen (Book Two) is close to a complete first draft. I have a number of shorts in the queue to explore the lives of some of the other oddball characters that have popped up along the way.

Check back for excerpts, character interviews, and who knows what else!

So, this is how it starts. You can find Unexpected at Amazon and Smashwords right now. Soon it will be available at Barnes & Noble, Apple Itunes and number of other fine online establishments. And yes, I do intend to have it available in print, but that may be a several months down the line, so jump in and join the revolution. Read an eBook today!

Are you interested in knowing the minute my books are available? Send me an email at and I will put you on the list. I promise not to spam you with a constant barrage of sales pitches. I’ll only send information when something new is out.
You can also keep tabs on my progress at my Facebook fanpage and on Twitter.

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Passion: a unifying force

Posted by erinlausten on May 23, 2011

Passion is thrown around quite a bit in romantic literature. Feelings of intense attraction, whirlwinds of emotion and roller coasters of hormonal imbalance mark the beginnings of many romantic relationships. Passion is essential to the love story. But Passion goes beyond the sensual attraction. It binds friends, families, and lovers. It is a key ingredient to long lasting relationships. It creates unity and connections. Being passionate ties us to others.

Passion plays a major role in the novella Love Uncommon. Yes, the two protagonists share a sensual and heart revving passion for the other. But it is built through a shared passion for a cause and a belief system. Both characters feel strongly about the preservation of cultural artifacts. Both find themselves on the same side of the Elgin Marble debate and despite the fact that one comes from the modern world and the other from Regency England, this passion unites them in a relationship that can go beyond those first wonderful moments of falling in love.

This phenomenon is classic and consistent throughout history. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were united in a Passion for a new and independent United States. They may have disagreed on any number of items, but their friendship endured throughout their lives because of this passion. I have seen intense and fulfilling relationships built between people with passion for the middle ages and historical reenactment. Some of the bonds put familial relationships to shame in its intensity.

I am convinced that passion is the piece of any relationship that will ensure it continues. This is certainly not the only piece as every relationship requires work, communication and commitment. But passion shared can bring a spark of the original infatuation to any relationship. It can show a shared understanding, a window into the others being, a way to tap into what means most to them. 

Do you live a passionate life? How many connections have you made when your heart and soul is invested in something you care deeply about? Could you imagine a life without them?

 If you are interested in my newest novella Love Uncommon you can find it here.  And as always, thank you for reading.

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Free Free Free!!!

Posted by erinlausten on April 12, 2011

That’s right folks. It’s free!

That’s it. That is about the extent of my schilling skills. But, hey. It’s free.

So what’s free? Well, I am glad you asked.

I have uploaded a short story at Smashwords. It was an experiment to learn how the process works and also to force myself to put something out there. To risk it all and let people see how I write. And so it is there, for You. For Free. So, take a moment, head over to the site and download your copy today!   I hope you enjoy. See below for the description. And as always I welcome your feedback!

Yuma: A short story romance (click link to go to download)

I always thought love was found on exotic beaches and at hometown picnics, not on bombing ranges. But then again, life is never normal for an archaeologist. Here’s the tale of how I met the love of my life, the only man for me.

“Yep. That’s unexploded ordnance.” Jeffery commented. Both he and Matthew stood with their arms crossed against their chests, looking down at it with the manly consideration reserved for beat up vehicles, broken garbage disposals, and apparently artillery.
“Is it live?” I asked
“Don’t know.” Our trusty EOD expert replied. He pulled a GPS from his backpack and began plugging in the location for future reference.
“If I had stepped on it would it have blown up?” My mind flashed to the training video we had been forced to watch explaining the dangers of unexploded ordnance and the very real possibility of death or injury.
“Maybe.” He smiled.
I pursed by lips and squinted. “You’re messing with me.”
He shrugged and turned back the way they had come. I glared at his back, then walked a good ten feet around the ordnance and flounced through the brush. Matthew’s infectious laughter caught me before I could outrun it.

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Shhh… I’m going to tell you a secret

Posted by erinlausten on March 29, 2011

As promised, I am now going to tell you 7 things you do not know about me. Actually, I will be spreading this out over time as I find it difficult to limit my thoughts to a list. I come by this honestly as my father, gregarious by nature, found it hard to limit his thoughts to a conversation lasting less than an hour. I have simply found writing to be my outlet for the jumble of nonsense floating around in my head.

I start with a confession. I do not know that I have necessarily kept this a secret. In fact, I keep very little secret, I have little use for them. But that is an entirely different conversation.

Back to the confession. I am an insatiable reader of romance novels. Yes. I inhale them. I have dedicated book shelves for my favorites. I will walk past the quality literature, the highly touted, the brilliantly reviewed to get to the romance section.

My first romance novel was purchased from the neighbor’s garage sale when I was eight. It was complete with bodice ripping, harem girl lounging, oh so bright colored cover. I’m giddy just remembering that cover. I handed the lady 50 cents and ran. I was so excited. I slinked up the stairs to my room and hid the book under my mattress.

I will not go into why I felt I needed to hide it, but I was eight. I was being bad. It was probably the baddest I have ever been. I am in general, pretty lame, so I remember this piece of youthful rebellion and secrecy with pride.

And I read the book. And reread it. And kept it hidden in my room for years. I let it go sometime in my college years when I was downsizing my life out of necessity, but I know what that cover looks like, and I will find it again. And really, I can’t wait.

So. Why do I, a highly educated philosophically inclined woman read romance novels like I’m a starving drug addict? Oh, for so many reasons, I could post for years about it. Maybe I will, but I will just give you a taste right now.

First. Romance novels expect nothing from me but a belief in love ever after. My whole life is spent with expectations. Work expects me to be a certain person, even family and friends have expectations. But romance? These books just tell you a story. I don’t have to translate, I don’t have to look deeper for the meaning. It’s obvious. Girl meets boy, they fall in love, insanity ensues, there is some miss-communication that makes things difficult, they figure it out, and then they move on. Happy ending. Life is great. Etc. Etc. And I just closed a book feeling happy and good and I know that something in the Universe makes sense.

And love. Oh love. I truly, one hundred percent, believe in love ever after. I’m a sap. It makes me happy. And I know for a fact it exists, I live it in my family, friends, and husband. I enjoy seeing it in stories. I can’t get enough.

And so. There you have it. A small introduction to my dirty little secret that I never really kept a secret, except when I was eight and, well. You get the idea. So when you see a lady sitting on a park bench, bus, plane, etc etc and she has open one of those “romance novels” just think, that could be Erin.

could be… But before I go. I haven’t added a video in a while and just had to,  I just had to. <silly grin>

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