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Wild Wild West Steampunk Con 2014 Wrap Up!

Posted by erinlausten on March 14, 2014

Imagine my excitement when the opportunity to attend the Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention appeared just as I finished Cibola’s Revenge. Wow, this conference was tailor made for this series! Set in the Arizona Desert at Old Tucson Studios, this conference delivered on every promise. For three days we were immersed in the Victorian west, surrounded by Steampunks and Cowboys. Be still my heart, it was fabulous!

If you ever have a chance to visit the studios, it is a brilliant trip any time of year. You get a taste of the old west and a whole lot of movie history. Tucson, itself, is one of my favorite towns, full of character and gorgeous landscape. As you come over Gates Pass you see the full expanse of a forest of saguaros, something you won’t see the like of anywhere in the world!

The energy of the conference was catching, as we spent time in the old barn, hanging with various merchants of Steampunk gadgets, gizmos, and gowns. If you like to add a little fantasy and science fiction to your history, this is the genre for you.

Professor Elemental was the king of the crowd, performing, recording, and being an all-around gracious gentleman. I can’t say enough about how awesome he was to the guests. My favorite part—his super hero pose is a pugilist with a sassy grin. What a great ambassador for Steampunk! If you haven’t seen his work, I highly recommend Cup of Brown Joy.

The best part was the time I got to spend with people I have come to know and love in the scene. I was able to catch up with a great friend and talented artist Jenn Hopkins. I can’t say enough about how amazing this woman is. Her art ranges from paintings, to computers, to photography, to… seriously, she does it all. I look forward to watching her take over the world with her art!
Mantecoza was out in full form as well. And I am extremely excited to hear we are likely to see something by Fall of this much anticipated film! CAN’T WAIT!

I got to meet a bunch of new talents as well. I was very excited to be included on a panel of authors. Eddie Louise was gorgeous and gracious. She spent years across the pond in Scotland, but can I say, we happy to have her back with us in the States! I look forward to seeing her books as they make their way to the U.S.!

And the highlight to my con, was a total geek fan moment. Lindsay Buroker was also on the panel. I got to sit on the panel with LINDSAY BUROKER! I love this woman. Her Flash Gold novellas are some of my favorite works. I love adventure. I love strong women. I love fantasy. She has it all! And I got to sit on a panel with her. Yes, I did a happy dance. I’m still doing a happy dance. I have so much respect for her and her work. And she is just as sweet and beautiful as her blog suggests.

All and all, by the time I left Wild Wild West Steampunk Con, my head was spinning. I even sold some books. It was brilliant! I am already excited for next year!

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The fire is right behind me of course!

Posted by erinlausten on December 12, 2013

I love seeing progress. There are many times when it seems nothing will ever be finished, but after this month, I’ll have completed five projects total. Three done for my alter ego Amie Archer, and two for Erin. I really can’t explain how good it feels, but I have promised several people I will never let the backlog gather like it has this year. One project at a time! I swear. Ok, maybe two. Or three. But no more than that. Really. I mean it. Honest.

You may have noticed by previous posts Unforeseen is available, YAY, and that was a huge deal. It was one of those books that hung around in my head for too long. And now that it is out in the universe, I am excited about it again. I miss Grace and Lucius already. I guess I will just have to include them in Unrepentant: Viator Legacy Book 3. But I miss Carlo more, so he gets top billing in this book.

And I would jump right on that, except I have some unfinished business with a certain Lady and Cowboy (Slim—Love him, Seriously. I mean, who else could flirt with disaster so unabashedly and still come out on top? With a grin and oozing charm? Only Slim. Le sigh.) Cibola’s Revenge is on its way to the finish line, just a few more tweaks and we’ll be ready for the victory lap. Christmas is looking to be very good for release. I am extremely excited about this new book in the Cibola Universe, and about the adventures the next year will provide as I visit various steampunk events to share the series. If you haven’t checked out Wild Wild West Con yet, take a look. It is a fabulous event at Old Tucson. Steampunk in the old west, really you can’t do better. (Well in my mind, since I dig that kind of thing!) I’ll be there with a table of signed copies of all my available books, and will also be presenting on the topic of Steampunk Archaeology. Yes, you heard right. Steampunk Archaeology. Come to the con to find out what I’m up to (evil grin).

Once Cibola’s Revenge is off my plate, I will definitely be ready to work on Unrepentant—except that I’m not. I am working on Deadbeat. I have had Deadbeat in my head since 2010, so really, it is way overdue and I have had several requests to see those words put down in print.

So there you have it. I am finishing up the last bits of what I have finished, and starting new projects. I’m excited about the New Year!

And I promise, I WILL be writing the Viator Legacy Book 3 in 2014. It may come out in the Summer/Fall rather than Spring. Hang in there folks, we’ll know what happens to Carlo and Lisa soon enough. First, we have a buck-toothed vampire to contend with.


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Bring on the Confetti!

Posted by erinlausten on October 13, 2013

I finished the first run of edits and Cibola’s Revenge is at my betas. Crossing my fingers they love it; Double crossing my fingers I get good feedback to make it even better than it is.

AND, now, what to do next? This writing life is fab, but seriously, no one is telling me the answers or what the next step is. I love being independent and making my own decisions, but sometimes I wish I had a map. No. A manual. That’s right. Where is the manual? I’ve read the ones which claim they’re The Manual. But they aren’t. So what next?

Ah, let’s wing it. That’s what Hailey would do right? Not that I think Hailey is much of a role model, but at least she’s authentic. So here we go.

My next project is begging to be written, so I think I’ll go with that. Prepare yourself for a look at the paranormal realm you’ve never ever seen before.

So much fun!



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Lightning Round!

Posted by erinlausten on October 4, 2013

Ah the light! It burns! It burns!

Alright, I’m out from beneath the proverbial rock and ready to give the latest update. I promise I have not been sitting on my hands all this time.

First bit of Happy news: Unforeseen is in the final countdown. I have the last minute edits in hand and a book cover in production.  With luck we’ll have a launch very soon now. Yes, I know, “HOW LONG CAN YOU POSSIBLY TAKE???” Sorry. Life has been, shall we say–Interesting.

And just as exciting, Cibola’s Revenge– the full length novel that continues from where Cibola’s Promise left us, is through the first draft stage AND the required two week “don’t you touch it, no, not at all, leave that book alone, stop thinking about it, let it stew, let it sit, Dear GOD why are you still thinking about it” stage. Now I am in 1st revision which, with luck, means it heads off to my first readers in a week. With that same luck, we’ll have that one ready for the holidays. Happy day!

What did I do to distract myself from the book while it settled in my brain? I geeked out of course. Last  weekend was Keen Halloween here in Phoenix. A fabulous get together of Artists and an opportunity for me to spend my money on awesomeness you just can’t find on a daily basis. This fab production was put together by one of my favorite artists SteamCrow.  Honestly, I can’t effuse enough about the awesomeness.

My dear friend, (and partner in crime), fell in love with some steampunky pumpkins, and even got one to sit on her shoulder for the rest of the day. It certainly drew attention our way out of the mall, but hey, she likes conversation starters. So I took notes for future book characters.

My son had a blast learning to fold origami bats. Admit it you want to try. But one thing… bigger paper is better.

I met steampunk author, Michael Bradley, showing off his books and I just had to pick one up.  I can’t wait to read it. But I’m not allowed to read in genre during the revision phase. It makes me over-think my prose and it all goes downhill from there. Oh the pain, the torture. Well I will just have to move through my revision at all speed then!  

My husband has a brand new Batman picture to help him make it through the furlough. “Great Government debacle Batman!” “Don’t worry little buddy, we’ll make it through!”  I walked away with some fabulous prints, that make me happy every time I look at them, from Diana Levin.

And now I am set to finish up these two books and get started on the next. Mwhoohahahahaha!

(Note to self: Will ending with the evil laugh be too much? Eh, when have I ever worried about it being over the top?)

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Back in the Saddle!

Posted by erinlausten on June 17, 2013

It has been very quiet on the writing front. Life events have a tendency to move us in unexpected directions and for me those events put the brakes on my writing, this blog included. I am overjoyed to announce, I’m back on the move.

There are several New Releases coming from Erin Lausten in the very near future!

I am excited to report on the first two New Releases. First on the list is Unforeseen, Book Two in the Viator Legacy series. It is in the final stage of pre-publication and we’re anticipating its release near the end of the summer. In addition, I’ve made fantastic progress on Cibola’s Revenge. We pick up right where we left off in Cibola’s Promise. All those pesky details and cliff hangers will be resolved in a wild ride through the Steampunk Wild West. Look for that release in the Fall of 2013.

I am very touched by those who have reached out and told me how much you’ve loved the books so far. I promise, I am working diligently to bring you more of the same!

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Cibola’s Promise! Debuts at Phoenix Comicon

Posted by erinlausten on May 20, 2012

I am extremely excited to announce that my newest story will be available this week at Phoenix Comicon! Cibola’s Promise follows the ragtag performers of The Marveous MacHurdyGurdy Traveling Show in a Steampunk adventure through the American West. A limited number of copies will be available at the Comicon for a special event price, so make sure to stop by Table 342!

I will also have copies of Unexpected in print at a special price as well. So if you have been waiting to get your hands on a print copy come on by.

I hope to see you there! This Phoenix Comicon is shaping up to be a packed venue with tons to do and people to see! I love this stuff!

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The Road to Phoenix Comicon

Posted by erinlausten on May 10, 2012

Three years ago I began a journey with a band of friends. I had just discovered steampunk and was active in a belly dancing troupe called Shahrinz. The troupe is still counted as my greatest friends, and my interest in steampunk has only grown. At that time, a wonderful opportunity fell into our laps. The Phoenix Comicon was looking for performers and we jumped at the chance. We decided to fling ourselves into the steampunk fray and performed with that in mind. Since then, the troupe has put together a number of shows with steampunk flavor, and I have begun writing stories about a Wild West that is a little bit strange and a lot of fun.

And so, we come to this year. I will be at Comicon once again, but this time, I will have a table with my new steampunk story Cibola’s Promise. I am extremely excited about this story. Its inspiration taps into so many parts of my life. From the beautiful troupe that helped develop the characters and their intricacies, to my life in the American West and love for history, it has been a true adventure in writing.

The Phoenix Comicon has been an excellent event for each of the years I have attended, and I know this year will be no different! The organizers know how to put together an amazing experience, and if you have the chance, I highly recommend a trip. With everything from Science Fiction, Fantasy, comic books, gaming, and novels, it is a pop-culture dream. And so I hope to see you there!

I will have print versions of both the new Steampunk book Cibola’s Promise as well as the first novel in the Viator Legacy Series, Unexpected. This will be the premier for Cibola’s Promise, so do not fret, I will have it available in E-book shortly, and both will be available through Amazon in print. If you make it to the event, I will be in Artist Alley at table 342!

And to you all, may your life be an adventure and full of surprises!

Erin Lausten

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Better Late Than Never- New Publications

Posted by erinlausten on January 14, 2012

Well it took a tiny bit longer than expected, but hey, two weeks behind is still pretty good. But the day has arrived and I can official announce the release of the first story in the Marvelous MacHurdyGurdy Traveling Show steampunk series. This concept has been in progress for some time, but now, I can introduce you to the whole mysterious cast. I have high hopes for these characters and am enjoying where their story is taking me.

So without further adieu, I bring you Miss Chevious Debuts.

In the harsh deserts of the American Old West a troupe of fantastical performers present a show of unrivaled entertainment. The stage is set to astound and a new creation prepares for her first moment in the spotlight. But there is a price to pay for naiveté. Will innocence be lost or will someone else pay the price?
Join the Marvelous MacHurdyGurdy Traveling Show performers in this short story and be transported to a time that never was in an adventure only found in the mind of dreamers.

Now available for 99cents at Amazon and Smashwords.



Are you interested in knowing the minute my books are available? Send me an email at erinlaustenauthor @ and I will put you on the list. I promise not to spam you with a constant barrage of sales pitches. I’ll only send information when something new is out.
You can also keep tabs on my progress at my Facebook fanpage and on Twitter

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A Plague On Your House

Posted by erinlausten on December 3, 2011

Actually, that title may be a tiny bit misleading. I do not wish a plague upon your house. As my house has recently been overrun with the beastly bugs that make the head swell with yuckiness, and the sounds of wracking coughs, I would never, in my entire life, ever wish this upon another. It has not been the best of weeks.

There I was, turkey in the oven, dressing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, green bean cassarole, pie and family surrounding me. It was a fabulous Thanksgiving. And then disaster strikes. As my husband and I started scanning through the Black Friday advertisments it hit. And it hit hard. I’ve been down for over a week with the sniffles, aches, and pains of the general crud. And I had so many plans. <sigh>

Well, no worries. Despite being hogtied by a cold, things did get done this week. Unexpected is now available on Apple Itunes and at Barnes&Noble. Also, a fantabulous review by the author Beth Muscat went up a few weeks ago. I couldn’t be more pleased with her reaction. Check it out at Shameless Reviews and Promotions. And if you get a chance, check out her own stories at Amazon.

In addition, I have my edits back for my Steampunk short titled, Miss Chevious Debuts. Watch for that one to be released by Christmas. It will be a fun and mysterious adventure following the slightly unconscionable performers of the Marvelous MacHurdyGurdy Traveling Show. Check back here for details as the month progresses.

And, for those that did not have enough of Carlo in Unexpected, he is starring in his own short story series, the first being completed and waiting review by the Beta Babes. That one will be free and should hit the Web in January.

It is amazing what can get done when the brain is foggy.


Join Hailey and Derian in a fast paced adventure in time against forces no one expected. In fact, it was all quite Unexpected. Now on Amazon , Barnes & Noble, Apple, and Smashwords!

Are you interested in knowing the minute my books are available? Send me an email at and I will put you on the list. I promise not to spam you with a constant barrage of sales pitches. I’ll only send information when something new is out.
You can also keep tabs on my progress at my Facebook fanpage and on Twitter.

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Thoughts on kittens

Posted by erinlausten on March 17, 2011

I’ve been thinking. (Shocking, Right?) It gets me into trouble. It gets me out of it too, but then so does not thinking so I am not sure there is a cause effect issue here. But I digress (Already!??), I meant to say I have been thinking about writing. Which, once again, should not be a stop the presses shocker. The thing is I have been doing is a whole lot of thinking about writing, but not a whole lot of writing or even a whole lot of thinking about what I am writing. It’s frustrating. Some of it I can blame on time, some I can blame on other commitments, but most I blame on… hey look, kittens.

Yep, distraction. It isn’t a big surprise that many of us that write are constantly absorbing the world around us. After all, what would we write about? I am a voracious reader. I want to know. I want to know what is around the corner, what is up that tree, what is on that next blog post, where the train is heading, who is on Twitter, where my friends are going this weekend, who just tagged me on Facebook, where to find the best chimichangas, who can tell me how to publish the writing that I have not yet finished, etc, etc, etc…

Now, I know I am hardly the worst offender. I know many where distractions prevent even an attempt at whatever it they want or need to do, but it is still a problem. I can beat myself up about it. Constantly worry about being distracted, bang pots, stomp around, try to pull myself in fifty different directions and then plop down and cry. Or, I can come to terms with the fact that distractions aren’t really distractions.

Yep. I said it. The giant drains on my time are not as previously thought, a waste of time. Granted, I want to be writing. And I should try to find the time to write. And there are many things that will be moved away so that I can write. But I can’t beat myself up over the things I am distracted by. They are just another part of life. There will always be times when I focus too much attention on one or the other. And in fact, there are times when writing is actually the distraction from other very important things.

So, what do we get from this? Not much. Just another way to look at it I guess. More cobwebs moving out of the way. Another one of my random ramblings about how I think and where my mind is going. Ultimately, I am going home and I am going to write. And spend time with my son, and check my email, and watch some preschool television, and eat something (I’m sure there is food in the house, right?), and just spend another night living life

So there.

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! (yes I’m shouting, sorry, I got excited).

The next Issue in The Marvelous MacHurdyGurdy Traveling Show is now available! Check it out!




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