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Sometimes you have to remember to begin again

Posted by erinlausten on October 6, 2011

Hello out there! It’s me, Hailey again.

After what seemed like forever, Erin has allowed me to speak to you again. I am twenty eight years old and the woman can still ground me, can you believe it? I suppose I deserve it for misbehaving during my first introduction to you, but I said I was sorry and really don’t believe a two month hiatus was justified. But whatever.

Anyway, I’m back again and on my best behavior. Erin is pretty stoked about Unexpected coming out. With her eyes glued to the computer screen all day prepping it for publication she’s pretty much told me to take over the blog until she can get her head back in the game. Cool with me, except I don’t know what to talk about. So she gave me a title. Go ahead, look at it again. Yeh, I know, what am I supposed to do with that? And then she told me Steve Jobs died yesterday.

Seriously? My first day back and you throw something heavy like that at me? I mean, I can market the book. I can talk about light things like what I like to eat, why I am totally in love with Derian, and why I cringe at Poppi’s clothing choices. But this? About a guy like Steve? There are so many better people out there to talk about him and remember what he’s done for us.

 Look the truth is, I have never really thought much about how he impacted my life. He was just another pop figure, a guy in the headlines, a face for a brand. Except, he wasn’t. I learned how to type on one of those tiny Apple computers when I was in junior high. I don’t know what it was. I’m just not that much of a techie. But I do remember that it was an Apple. And now my life is surrounded by technology. And I think that may be the mark of the man. He didn’t just impact a small segment of the population. He changed the entire environment that we work within. I don’t go crazy over technology. I don’t know that much about how a computer works and when it breaks down I call for help. Actually, I don’t call for help, I scream for help, because my life and so many of our lives are intertwined with this new paradigm. We are surrounded by computers. We depend on them. The influence is undeniable. Was he a great guy? I don’t know. Was everything he did fabulous and indisputably positive for mankind? I doubt it. He was a man after all. And he was definitely not the only one that brought about this new world. But what we cannot deny is that he was and will remain a symbol of what we have become. History will only tell what the full influence has been, but he will no doubt be a major figure in the story of our current and future generations.

 Ok, so that was getting a little too deep for me. I have my moments I guess you could say. But I am going to finish with this. I am a character in a book. A book that will be available electronically. Millions will have the opportunity to read my story because of products Steve Jobs spear headed, but also because of opportunities brought about by this new world. Without the work that Steve and so many did decades ago in bringing computers to our homes and workplaces I would not exist. I would not have met Derian. I would not have discovered my super cool super power. I would not have… wait a minute. Because of this Erin was able to throw me into ridiculous situations with crazy maniacs out to take over the world. Do you know how many needles I had to deal with in this story? Do you know what it is like to run for your life because someone thinks you are the key to world domination? So all of my trouble is because of computers. Seriously? Seriously?

Hello, it’s Erin again. Before Hailey starts to go off the deep end I decided to cut her off. I am very saddened, as are many of us, at the passing of Steve Jobs. It is a good time to reflect on the impact the man has had on our lives. I don’t know if I would have had the opportunity to write this story and provide it to you electronically without the influence of Steve Jobs. There are tons of opportunities out there to create new things and share new ideas. And the best way to honor a man’s influence like Steve Jobs is to continue to create and provide new visions for the future. Where will this new world take us? Only we can decide.

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