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Time Traveling Maniacs to Take Over the World!

Posted by erinlausten on November 16, 2011

If you have wondered why things have been quiet over the last couple of months I’ll fill you in. Life has been running at light speed. With several works in the pre-publication preparation phase, a children’s book being written by an alter ego, and life I kept my head down and focused on getting things done. For a fabulous article on Life and writing check out what Shelly wrote over at the Writers of Mass Distraction.

However, brace yourself because it is confetti time. That’s right. Unexpected is now available!

Cue the band leader folks, life is about to get exciting.

This novel has been in the works for just under a year. The characters and I have gotten to know each other in depth. In fact you may have already met Hailey in a previous post. Oh, and in this one too. She’s a spitfire that one and I assure you, we haven’t heard the last of her.

I am also eager to introduce you to her counterpart, Derian. He’s a nice guy. A nice guy that can kick some serious butt. He’s a bit quiet, so it may be like pulling teeth to get him out here, but I have some things hanging over his head, so I think I can bribe him to come out and play.

The Viator Legacy Series is packed with fabulous characters, many you will meet in the first novel Unexpected. I expect a few to spend some time here on the blog. Carlo and Poppi have already committed, but I have to keep them in line. We don’t want any more instances of character insubordination. So keep an eye out for that.

And Unexpected is only the beginning. The Viator Legacy Series is on its way to epic proportions. Unforeseen (Book Two) is close to a complete first draft. I have a number of shorts in the queue to explore the lives of some of the other oddball characters that have popped up along the way.

Check back for excerpts, character interviews, and who knows what else!

So, this is how it starts. You can find Unexpected at Amazon and Smashwords right now. Soon it will be available at Barnes & Noble, Apple Itunes and number of other fine online establishments. And yes, I do intend to have it available in print, but that may be a several months down the line, so jump in and join the revolution. Read an eBook today!

Are you interested in knowing the minute my books are available? Send me an email at and I will put you on the list. I promise not to spam you with a constant barrage of sales pitches. I’ll only send information when something new is out.
You can also keep tabs on my progress at my Facebook fanpage and on Twitter.


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Time-travel? Seriously?

Posted by erinlausten on May 19, 2011


  I have an affinity for time travel. I always have. It could explain why I went into archaeology in the first place. Or perhaps I am into time travel because I went into archaeology. I don’t know. I try to stay away from chicken and egg philosophical discussions. Either way, I love time-travel.

Now, my husband and I have completely different views on the concept. He is staunchly based in the Star Trek science based time-travel  (though really, they made it sciency and some things were based in reality, but honestly it’s fantasy. But don’t let him know I said that. I’ll get an earful) I on the other hand am happy with suspending reality and believing it is a possibility. I like magic. I loved Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. I love the whole genre of time-travel romance. I loved A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court. Though not a romance, it was written by the man who inspired me to live life and then write about it. So I am ok with Time-travel as a concept that doesn’t need in-depth scientific explanation.

I expect to be writing quite a bit about the topic in the near future as I have just uploaded a fun novella in the vein of a more traditional time-travel romance. The next post will be going into detail about Love Uncommon, but if you feel inclined to check it out now click the picture at the top of this post and it will take you to where it is currently available for purchase.

In addition I am working exhaustively on my Viator Legacy Series. I am stoked about this one and can’t wait to introduce you to this new world and the characters that have absorbed my life for the last year.

But first this introduction to get us into the Time-travel mood.

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